Saturday 12 May 2018

Depiedra - Desértico (Album Review)

Release date: April 29th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Desértico – Tracklisting

1.Hasta el Amanecer 07:39
2.Aturdido 05:23
3.Mujer del Desierto 06:40
4.Tormenta de Arena 08:10
5.Huyes Lejos 04:53
6.Desierto Florido 08:13
7.El Perro 08:24


Felipe Aguayo - Vocals & Guitar
Cristobal Aguayo - Guitar
Basthian Ruiz - Bass Guitar
Carlos Fuentes - Drums & Vocals


Depiedra are a Chilean Desert Rock/Doom/Stoner Metal Band that have a lot of swagger and attitude to match on their new album Desértico. The vocals maybe sung in Spanish but the high energy psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal riffs will be universally recognised by long-time fans of the Desert/Stoner Metal scene.

The first thing that instantly grabs you about Desértico is how instantly loud the album is with the opening track Hasta el Amanecer setting the scene with soulful Desert Rock/Stoner Metal grooves. The album maybe influenced by the legendary sounds of Kyuss ,Fu Manchu and even Black Sabbath but Depiedra manage early on to stand on their own convictions. The heavy guitars have a powerful sound around them with the intelligent drumming from Carlos allowing the music to grow naturally.

Depiedra combine Desert/Stoner psychedelic sounds with heavy atmospheric Doom based vibes and it’s a winning formula with the band continue on great songs such as: Aturdido, Mujer del Desierto, Tormento de Arena and the best track on the album with El Perro.

Some of the vocals could have done with more work on certain places of the album but overall Felipe and Carlos do a very good job matching the heavy instrumental sounds that Depiedra excel at. The production is perhaps the best part of the album as it sounds fantastic from the start. Desértico doesn’t shy away from the volume department. As this album is HEAVY with a capital FUCKING HEAVY!!!

This is the type of album that the Doom/Stoner Metal underground should go crazy for. As Depiedra have created an album that not only screams for your attention but absolutely DEMANDS IT…

This is perhaps one of the best albums I’ve heard from the South American Doom/Stoner Metal scene. Desértico is packed with intelligent progressive melodies which more than justifies the albums 50 minute plus run-time.

Desértico impressed me in a huge way and you owe yourself to give this album a listen. Not only is this a must have album but perhaps another strong contender for one of the best Stoner Rock/Metal albums of the year.

Words by Steve Howe


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