Saturday 19 May 2018

Thought Eater - Bones In The Fire (Album Review)

Release date: May 18th 2018. Label: Grimoire Records. Format: DD

Bones In The Fire – Tracklisting

1.Bones in the Fire (part 1) 04:31
2.Pantomimic Dances 06:35
3.Speak Through Dreams 07:30
4.Covenant 09:34
5.Bones in the Fire (part 2) 06:24
6.Umwelt 05:54


Darin Tambascio (12 string bass)
Douglas Griffith (guitar)
Bobby Murray (drums)


Thought Eater’s new album Bones In The Fire draws influence from bands such as Pelican, Russian Circles, Baroness and Mastodon. For this being an instrumental album, Thought Eater have to do something different to standout from the over-crowded Instrumental Rock/Metal Scene. They manage to do this thanks mainly to the impressive work of Darin Tombascio who wields a 12 string bass. Now I didn’t know a thing existed though that’s down to me not being a musician.

I was very sceptical about Thought Eater’s album as I didn’t think that a 12 string bass would work being main focus of attention. Though I was very wrong as Bones In The Fire is a complex and progressive sounding album that manages to strike the right creative balance of playing heavy sludge based sounds. Songs such as Bones In The Fire (Part 1) and Pantomimic Dances convince early on that Thought Eater know how to create heavy progressive riffs. The guitars from Douglas are another highlight as he’s influenced by the earlier sounds of Mastodon.

Bobby on drums does an impressive job here on the album as well. As Bobby’s drumming is what really allows Thought Eater’s music to be deliciously heavy and quite direct.

The album can be very psychedelic and trippy in parts so it’s not all about heavy sounds. Thought Eater manage to include elements of Jazz, Hard Rock and Middle Eastern style rhythms. The album truly becomes alive with the final three songs being the most exciting part of the album. As Thought Eater finally become more comfortable with their own sound and identity. Bones In The Fire (Part 2) and Umwelt are the two best songs on the album.

Bones In The Fire is an impressive album and Thought Eater have delivered the goods here. I don’t know if they could release another album such as this. As they may need something new to the overall dynamic of their music. Perhaps add a guest vocalist. As there were parts of the album that were screaming out for vocals. Though I respect the band’s vision for the album.

Overall, Bones In The Fire is an intelligent and superbly entertaining album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe