Wednesday 27 February 2019

Exclusive Album Premiere Of EARTH MESSIAH - Ouroboros


Gothenburg's heavy stoner rock unit EARTH MESSIAH is set to release their debut full-length, Ouroboros, this Friday March 1st via powerhouse label Argonauta Records. After the trio just recently premiered a first single for the track 'In The Darkness', it's about time to give the full album some spins, as OUTLAWS OF THE SUN are now streaming EARTH MESSIAH's upcoming record in its entirely!

Says the band 
"The creation of "Ouroboros" has been a bit like giving birth. It's been sweaty, it's been bloody and in the end we've produced something we're very proud of. When the recording process began, we had known eachother just a few months - so we kinda had to fastforward through a lot of the group process.

I feel that in the end this has welded us together as both humans and musicians; It has also given us a mutual musical language that you're sure to hear on the album. "Ouroboros" and the collaboration with Argonauta Records has really been a springboard for our creativity - And we're already writing music for our next release! We hope you enjoy "Ouroboros" as much as we do!“

Ouroboros Tracklist:

1. Ouroboros
2. Escape From Reality
3. Attention
4. Trouble Child
5. In The Darkness
6. I Am
7. Queen Of The Land Of Tomorrow
8. Always Remember
9. Father Of Fire

When EARTH MESSIAH formed in 2017 by Mathias Helgesson (Unhealth, Ex Lawgiver) and Patrik Orrmén (ex Fuzztrated, ex Rhubarb Blues Band) , things hit off directly, the band's first and heavily fuzzy tracks seemed to come naturally as soon as the two started playing together. 

With Mathias' strong songwriting skills and the pounding drive of Patriks drums in place, the search began for more band members who would share their mutual vision. In early 2018 they met up with bass wizard Marcus Hedkvist (From Soil, ex Eskatologia) and it was fuzz at first sight, thus completing the trio while Mathias took over the microphone.

Their two track demo
Nocturnal Thoughtgrinder was recorded in late 2017, and rendered in lots of positive feedback and interest in the band, followed by a worldwide deal with Italy's ever growing label Argonauta Records.

Ouroboros will hit the stores on March 1st 2019, coming as CD, LP and Digital Download, and it's available to purchase at Argonauta Records


Mathias - Guitar & Vox
Patrik - Drums
Marcus - Bass

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Thanks to Mona at All Noir PR for the Album Premiere.