Sunday, 24 February 2019

GEEZER - Spiral Fires (EP Review)

Release date: February 8th 2019. Label: Kozmik Artifactz Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Spiral Fires – Tracklisting

1.Spiral Fires Part 1 05:50
2.Spiral Fires Part 2 06:57
3.Darkworld 04:52
4.Charley Reefer 07:38


Pat Harrington - Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Richie Touseull - Bass
Steve Markota - Drums & Percussion

Vocals on Spiral Fires (Pt. 2) by Pam Grande


This is my first review that I’ve written since my brief retirement/hiatus that I announced earlier this year. Obviously it didn’t last long as I missed the scene too much and that’s thanks to bands such as GEEZER who drew me back to the Stoner Rock/Metal community. GEEZER have became one of my favourite bands from the scene over the last few years.

Their 2016 album was my favourite album of that year and it’s good to see GEEZER returning to that world with their excellent sounding new EP – Spiral Fires. Though this is perhaps the most Psychedelic Sounding version of GEEZER that we’ve heard so far. GEEZER have a new member in their ranks with Steve Markota joining the band on Drums & Percussion.

If you’re a fan of the Heavy Blues Rock sound that appeared on the last GEEZER album Psychoriffadelia then you’ll be happy to hear the band haven’t forgotten their Blues Rock roots on this EP as it’s the main driving force of the EP and one that allows GEEZER to play those dynamically heavy Psychedelic/Spaced Out sounds.

The EP only lasts for 25 minutes but GEEZER have put out a first rate release where all the songs are equally as good and strange as each other. Highlights for myself have to Spiral Fires Part 2 and the majestic sounding Charley Reefer.

Apparently there will be a new GEEZER album later this year. If the album is anything as good as Spiral Fires then GEEZER could have another epic sounding album on their hands and I for one will be counting down the days for it’s release.

Spiral Fires production is excellent which isn’t surprising since it’s been handled by GEEZER’s very own Pat Harrington who knows a thing or two on making records sound so good.

Overall, GEEZER have released another superb EP to their already highly impressive back catalogue and one that shows the Stoner Rock community why GEEZER are one of our most important bands working in the scene today.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Leanne at Mettle Media PR for the promo. Spiral Fires is available to buy Digitally now. Vinyl will be released later this year via Kozmik Artifactz Records.


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