Saturday 23 November 2019

BRUNT - Ataraxy (Album Review)

Release date: November 30th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Ataraxy – Tracklisting

The Grauballe Man
Light Of The Mire
Black Smoke


Elliott Mariess (bass)
Christian Mariess (drums)
Ave Thompson (guitar


Ataraxy is the new album from Guernsey Psychedelic Post-Rock/Stoner Rock band BRUNT and it’s their first new record in 3 years. The band have spent that time wisely creating a more cinematic style of music with the music being more driven by Post-Rock sounds than ever before. This makes Ataraxy a more interesting prospect with the different styles of music on offer.

BRUNT still manage to create LOUD and HEAVY Stoner Rock/Metal grooves throughout the album and it’s quite creative in places and the album becomes a more rewarding experience every time you listen to it. Though it will take a few listens to fully understand it all. The album is purely instrumental but that doesn’t stop BRUNT telling an intriguing story that packed with depth and emotion from start to finish.

Opening song – The Grauballe Man – feels influenced by ISIS/Russian Circles style of Post-Rock that sets up the scene beautifully well and the ambient sounds further draws you into BRUNT’s dark world. The song is quite gloomy and claustrophobic in places but it fully comes alive when the Stoner Rock or Post-Stoner vibes appear and things become HEAVY and VOLATILE rather quickly. Though it’s the opening Post-Rock moments that impressed me the most.

Second song – Light Of The Mire – is another 9 minute epic where BRUNT deliver another superb piece of Progressive Post-Stoner grooves with elements of Sludge Rock that begin to show a more creative side to the band that we haven’t heard before. The song is quite complex in places but BRUNT deserve credit for trying something different for the sound they’re initially made their name with. This album feels like BRUNT are starting to come of age and wanting to make a real name for themselves and the opening two songs shows that the band have accomplished that mission.

Third song – Ataraxy – is the shortest song on the album but perhaps the most interesting. As the band have less time to play with here but still manage to weave a stunning blend of Psych Rock. Stoner Rock and Space Rock that manages to feel fresh and original.

The final song – Black Smoke – sees BRUNT return with another epic 9 minute song that follows the same setup as the opening two songs but allowing BRUNT to try different things as well. This is my favourite song on the album as it feels more emotional and more focused as well. The Progressive parts hold everything together for BRUNT to play some of the heaviest grooves on the entire album.

Ataraxy is a superbly produced album and one that shows why this is BRUNT’s best album to date. This is perhaps one of the best Instrumental Rock albums you’ll hear this year. No question...

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to BRUNT for the promo. Ataraxy will be available to buy from November 30th 2019.