Sunday 17 November 2019

Stone Priest - Pallor Mortis (Album Review)

Release date: October 30th 2019. Label: Helmet Lady Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Pallor Mortis – Tracklisting

1.Take it Back 07:02
2.Warped 03:25
3.Doomsday 03:10
4.Time Takes All 05:32
5.Dwarf 02:16
6.One For The Money 04:34
7.Rotten Blarney Stone 05:35
8.Ash To Dust 04:45


Harold Pollinger - Keys, Vox
Shea Rayhn - Drums, Vox
Christopher Delmont - Guitar, B/U Vox
Larry Gartley - Bass


Pallor Mortis is the 2nd album from Buffalo, New York, Psychedelic Stoner Rock Riff Wizards – Stone Priest – and it’s a major step-up in quality and progression from their 2016 debut album. The band have used their time well in creating a sonically pleasing and complex Psychedelic Stoner Rock album that reminds myself of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple in places.

Stone Priest use a collective mix of Psych, Classic Rock, Prog Rock and Stoner Rock for the majority of the songs with some epic grooves along the way. The album has a deep love and appreciation for 1970’s Hard Rock with a few different sounds being added for good measure.

Opening song – Take It Back – is the longest song on the record running past 7 minutes and it’s the best track on he album with Stone Priest laying the foundations of their blend of Stoner Rock with a Blues based sound holding everything together. The song is quite trippy with the different styles of music the band employ on this song. The eerie gloomy sounds that appear towards the song is a very cool touch indeed and the song almost becomes a spaced out adventure. Though the band keep things firmly grounded with a Deep Purple influence to lyrics of the song and for the main themes of the album.

Second song – Warped – opens with a more experimental sound with pianos and ambient noises being added to Stone Priest’s trademark sound. The song is quite clever in places though the vocals do take time to fully settle down. The 1970s trippy atmosphere is the strongest part of this song with the riffs a close second. Another quirky and wonderful sounding song from the band.

The album is quite bleak in places with the title Pallor Mortis meaning “the first stage of death” and this allows the band to create a concept album of sorts with slightly depressing and bleak lyrics adding a more Doom based atmosphere to the album.

The album zips along at a cracking pace with the band playing through a stunning mix of different songs with dark and twisted results. Songs such as Doomsday, Time Takes All, One For The Money and Rotten Blarney Stone are the other standout songs on the album. You can expect to hear the heaviest riffs on these songs with a few surprises along the way.

My only complaint is that the album isn’t the best produced album out there. As it sounds too raw for me in places. However, Stone Priest have released a superb album that has a dark and complex side to it amongst the Psychedelic weirdness of it all.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Pallor Mortis is available to buy digitally now. The vinyl will be available to buy from November 2019 via Helmet Lady Records.