Tuesday 19 November 2019

DROID - Hyperreality (Album Review)

Release date: November 22nd 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Hyperreality – Tracklisting

1.Mind Collapse
2.Mouth of the Hound 08:15
3.Fertile Crescent
4.Divine Ascent
5.Thunder Mountain 06:28
6.Ant Queen


Vocals/Guitar: Richard Iskov
Vocals/Bass: Will Haines
Guitar: Tim Wooltorton
Drums: Jeremy Kaye Simmons


Hyperreality is the new album from Psych Doom/Stoner Rockers – DROID – who take an interesting approach with their music. As the band add a more layered and distorted style of FUZZ to their music. The album is quite downbeat with its stylish take on Stoner/Doom Rock. The psychedelic element of the album is quite involving in places with the vocals taking time to fully shine through.

Opening song – Mind Collapse – starts the distorted FUZZ sounds with a song influenced by Black Sabbath and Uncle Acid but with more menacing Sludge elements appearing. The album has its fair share of fast-paced riffs with a few epic guitar solos along the way. The distorted parts of the song are quite distracting at times but allow DROID to have a more aggressive presence as well.

Second song – Mouth Of The Hound – opens with a playful Doom based riff which slowly becomes heavier and adding different layers of Heavy Stoner Rock/Metal. This song has a deliberate seventies classic rock atmosphere with the band adding modern Psychedelic Stoner Rock grooves to the mix. The heavy guitars are aggressive and volatile throughout the song. This is perhaps the heaviest track on the album and shows DROID at their absolute best on the album.

Third song – Fertile Crescent – is another song where the band make the listener question their grip on reality with stylish Doom/Stoner sounds with a slight progressive edge. DROID push their sound even further with a gloomy ambient rhythm keeping things highly experimental. The vocals have an extra layer of heaviness to them which makes this song one of the most psychedelic offerings on the album. It’s quite an intense song to listen to and to fully understand but the heavy riffs save the day yet again.

DROID continue with their fascinating journey into the realms of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Rock on the second half of the album.

Things become even more weirder with songs such as: Divine Ascent, Thunder Mountain and Ant Queen allowing DROID pushing their own creative boundaries with surreal lyrics, trippy vocals and ambient sounds all vying for your attention amongst the heavy sounds of Hyperreality.

There is a lot more going on with this album than you initially expect. As DROID have included many different themes and ideas throughout the album. So expect the lyrics and vocals to go completely leftfield just for the sheer fun of it all. Though the music is constantly heavy and engaging from start to finish. This is a superbly produced album and one that will entertain you with its wild style of Doom/Stoner Rock

Words by Steve Howe