Sunday 24 November 2019

Hazemaze - Hymns Of The Damned (Album Review)

Release date: November 23rd 2019. Label: Ripple Music (CD) / Cursed Tongue Records (Vinyl). Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Hymns Of The Damned – Tracklisting

1.Shadow in the Night 06:36
2.Morbid Lust 05:19
3.Thrill Seeker 05:24
4.Lobotomy 05:56
5.Solicitor of Evil 06:56
6.Green River 03:33
7.Reverend Death 03:47
8.Forever Trapped in Hell 04:11


Ludvig Andersson (Guitar/Vocals)
Nils Ein (Drums)
Estefan Carrillo (Bass)


Hymns Of The Damned is the new album Swedish Fuzz/Doom/Stoner Rockers and it sees the band continue their Heavy Rock/Metal journey inspired by the classic 70s Hard Rock sound. The album is quite a confident affair with the band playing addictive grooves that feel influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath and Uncle Acid but with a more addictive Fuzz/Stoner Rock sound.

Opening song – Shadow In The Night – dives head on into the Doom Metal sound with heavy grooves aligning themselves to a more threatening Stoner/Fuzz based approach. The vocals are loud, brash and full-on from the start but the music is where the magic happens with this highly talented Power-Trio proving they can play some epic riffs of their own. The band do play some finely tuned psychedelic guitar solos along the way which is quite refreshing to hear.

Second song – Morbid Lust – as you can tell from the song title carries on with the almost Occult/Doom Metal approach with a heavy bass riff opening the song before the heavy gloomy guitars take centre-stage and drive the action to the very end. The vocals are definitely inspired by 70s Classic Doom Rock/Metal with the lyrics having quite an Occult feel to them. The music can be too theatrical and classed too “Retro” at times but there is an addictive charm to it all.

Third song – Thrill Seeker – has a more “Garage Rock” feel to it with the vintage production that is contained on the song. This isn’t as polished as the opening two songs but is the most intriguing. As the band feel truly alive on this song despite the raw sound and manic energy of it all. This feels like Hazemaze have stripped everything back for a true sounding 70s Doom/Stoner Rock offering and it ends up being perhaps the best song on the entire album.

Hazemaze follow the same path for the rest of the album with the band further exploring their strangely wonderful Doom/Fuzz/Stoner Metal hybrid sound with a few dangerous Psychedelic twists and turns along the way. Songs such as Lobotomy, Solicitor Of Evil and Reverend Death sees Hazemaze selling their creative souls to SATAN himself with some epic riffs being played just for the sheer FUN of it all.

The production is handled superbly well. As it sees the band play a fine balance between 70s Doom Metal and even modern sounding Fuzz/Stoner Metal atmospherics.

If you’re looking for old-school Doom Metal thrills and spills but with a more modern approach then you should give Hymns Of The Damned a spin. As it’s quite an exciting and action-packed listen that even LUCIFER himself would approve of.

Words by Steve Howe

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