Tuesday 12 November 2019

Pseudo Mind Hive - Of Seers And Sirens (Album Review)

Release date: October 25th 2019. Label: Salty Dog Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Of Seers And Sirens – Tracklisting

1.Sails at Dawn 04:13
2.The Dreamer's Burning Door 04:25
3.Of Seers and Sirens 06:36
4.Solstice [Bonus Track] 05:51
5.Gaze of Ptolemy 09:16
6.Equinox 08:13
7.Broken Colours 08:09


Jack Ainsworth: Bass Guitar/Vocals
Samuel Drew-Rumoro: Drums/Vocals
Christopher Hockey: Guitar/Lead Vocals
Jesse Joannou: Organ/Synthesisers/Vocals
Mark Vincini: Guitar/Vocals


Of Seers And Sirens is the new album from Psychedelic Stoner Rockers Pseudo Mind Hive and it’s my first main exposure to the band. The band did release a debut album last year which completely passed me by. Shame on me for that mistake. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice with their new album. As this is one of the best Psychedelic Stoner Rock albums of the year.

Pseudo Mind Hive bring an album that’s packed with rich ideas and heavy grooves that transcend the Psychedelic Stoner Rock spectrum with the band adding a Spaced Out and Cosmic Groove. Inspired by bands such as Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Uncle Acid but with the band in full control of their own destiny.

Opening song – Sails At Dawn – is a lush sounding Space/Stoner Rock song with the band adding a heavy amount of theatrical Psychedelic tendencies along the way. The song has a heavy FUZZ atmosphere burning in the background that allows the band to embrace the seventies Hard Rock/Psychedelic Rock scene with supreme confidence. The vocals are excellent and have quite a vintage feel to them.

Second song – The Dreamer’s Burning Door – offers a more Blues Rock influenced style of music that reminds myself of GEEZER in many ways. The band are perhaps influenced by Black Sabbath the most on this song whilst playing their own highly infectious style of Psychedelic Stoner Rock with flashes of Doom Rock adding a heavier sound to the album.

Third song – Of Seers And Sirens – is a more classic sounding Doom/Fuzz/Stoner Rock odyssey with the band playing different strands of Psychedelic Rock as well. This is perhaps the gloomiest song on the album with the excellent vocals and lyrics all having a darker feel to them.

Fourth song – Solstice – is an epic sounding instrumental song. As the band play a stunning blend of Post-Doom and Heavy Psychedelic Sounds for a more expansive and adventurous song that also has eerie Ambient based noises for one trippy wild ride. The instrumental work is simply marvellous on this song with Pseudo Mind Hive not afraid to use more of their creative freedom on this song.

The final three songs – Gaze of Ptolemy, Equinox and Broken Colours – is where the band venture into the world of Progressive Rock with these songs all lasting past the eight-minute mark. So you have twenty minutes of finely played of Psychedelic Stoner Rock/Metal with strands of Post-Doom and FUZZ riffs with fantastic lyrics to match.

Equinox is perhaps my favourite song on the album. As it goes down through many different musical routes such as Classic Rock, Prog Rock and Stoner Rock that contain some of the heaviest sounds and riffs of the entire album.

Of Seers And Sirens is also bolstered by amazing production values which gives the band a loud and heavy clear sound from start to finish.

As I stated earlier in this review, Of Seers And Sirens is one of the best Psychedelic Stoner Rock albums I’ve heard this year and will no doubt claim a place on my best albums of the year list. This is a must have album. No question.

Words by Steve Howe