Saturday 2 November 2019

Clouds Taste Satanic - Second Sight (Album Review)

Release date: October 31st 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Second Sight – Tracklisting

1.Second Sight 21:21
2.Black Mass 21:07


Steve Scavuzzo, Sean Bay, Greg Acampora, Brian Bauhs


Second Sight is the new album from famed Instrumental Doom Metal Band – Clouds Taste Satanic. This is also the band’s 2nd album released this year. As the band released Evil Eye back in April 2019. This album continues with Post-Doom feeling heard on Evil Eye but with a more classic style of Doom Rock/Metal being played with it’s epic strands of Psych Rock, Space Rock and Stoner Metal.

Both songs last 21 minutes each and they’re both sprawling epics that bring back the heavy days of 70s Prog Rock and Spaced Out Jams. The music is quite dense and captivating with the band moving at their own steady pace. The swirling noises have a more dramatic effect and even allow Clouds Taste Satanic to operate with a more Post-Metallic delivery especially on the opening song Second Sight.

Clouds Taste Satanic show you how exciting Instrumental Rock/Music can be and move the genre into new exciting grounds that you just don’t get with other Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal bands. Clouds Taste Satanic are clearly at the forefront of the genre now. The band know when to bring the heavy riffs to the party and when to hold back which helps build up an exciting atmosphere.

The band weave an intriguing story for this album despite the lack of vocals. With different sounds and grooves to show the next exciting part of the story the album wholly contains.

The band are more adventurous on this album with a more claustrophobic style of music being added on certain parts of the album. The hazy guitar tones are quite distorted in places and the album becomes a more gloomier experience. This is perhaps the band’s most experimental and diverse offering to date whilst still retaining their trademark sound.

Second Sight is an album not only you should listen to but one that you should respect and admire for doings things differently and succeeding on every level possible.

With some bands just content releasing one album this year, Clouds Taste Satanic had to stick a mighty UP YOURS to the world and release another thrilling and exciting album. It doesn’t get any better than this if you’re a fan of Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Leanne at Mettle Media PR for the promo. Second Sight is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl.


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