Sunday 3 November 2019

ENNOEA - Pistis Sophia (EP Review)

Release date: September 13th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Pistis Sophia – Tracklisting

1.Birth of a Blind God (Demiurgos Part III) 04:11
2.Unworthy 03:48
3.Sufficiency 03:39
4.The Blue Mold (Tom O'Bedlam) 12:00


Samantha Michelle Smith – Everything


ENNOEA are back with their new EP – Pistis Sophia – and it’s their first proper release in 5 years . Two of the songs Sufficiency and Unworthy were released earlier this year which I reviewed here. This time round the songs are have been joined by two other songs that make up the Pistis Sophia EP.

The EP is a mixture of ENNOEA familiar Drone/Doom/Stoner Metal grooves that has elements of Post-Black Metal tendencies with Samantha’s harsh death growls leaving a threatening presence throughout. The lyrics are quite bleak and what you should expect for an EP such as this.

ENNOEA have never been afraid to explore the more extreme side of Doom/Stoner Metal and Pistis Sophia allows Samantha to create a more horrifying sound that you wouldn’t expect to hear in Stoner Metal. The ambient sounds heard on the excellent opening song – Birth of a Blind God (Demiurgos Part III) – leave little to the imagination with the constant shift in tone and delivery from start to finish.

The next two songs Sufficiency and Unworthy sees Samantha experiment with her overall sound as the song adds heavier moments of of pitch black Doom/Post-Black Metal sound with traces of Psychedelic Doom and Death Metal starting to appear.

The final song - The Blue Mold (Tom O'Bedlam) - is where the main action is at with ENNOEA playing a more progressive style of Post-Black Metal that is gloomy and claustrophobic from start to finish. This is perhaps some of the best music that Samantha has created to date. As it’s an interesting style of music and can be quite challenging to listen to at times.

Overall, ENNOEA have released another winning record to their already impressive discography. I’m hoping Samantha doesn’t leave it another 5 years to darken our doorsteps with ENNOEA. As I feel there is unfinished business left to be dealt with ENNOEA…..

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Samantha is quite prolific and is involved with a wide range of different projects. See Samantha’s extensive discography on Metal Archives.

Words by Steve Howe