Thursday 7 November 2019

CHRMR - Warbirds (Album Review)

Release date: October 30th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Warbirds – Tracklisting

1.We Are The Crane 05:18
2.I Lay Me Down 03:44
3.Gold Serpents 05:30
4.Lends 03:12
5.Victoria 03:40
6.Don't Walk Away 03:15
7.Deep Fade Event 02:24
8.Wandering Winds 02:34


Crif Golding
Ed Jusko
Brian Mason
Andy Schmitz
Charlie Street


I remember reviewing CHRMR’s last record Respective Orbits last year and asking for a few more songs. As this record was relatively short. Well the band have returned with their excellent new offering Warbirds and the album last an action-packed 30 minutes which sees the band explore their Post-Hardcore/Grunge/Stoner/Doom/Alt-Metal sound even further than the last time.

Warbirds has a Sludge/Post-Metal atmosphere and it’s a different sounding album compared to their last record with the band adding a more diverse sonic offering to the mix. The 90s Alt-Rock/Metal vibe is still powering everything through but something feels different. CHRMR feel more in control this time and it makes for a much better sounding record.

The vocals are soulful and quiet aggressive in places. None so than on the stunning opening song – We Are The Crane. This song has a soulful and progressive feel that allows CHRMR to add a more world-weary Psychedelic/Spaced Out groove. Taking influence from Soundgarden with both the vocals and the music that make this a fantastic song to open the album with.

CHRMR go into full overdrive with the next couple songs with I Lay Me Down and Gold Serpents offering a fast-paced style of music with Post-Hardcore sounds and Psychedelic tendencies leading the way. The whole feel of the album has a sense of early 2000s nostalgia but with a modern Sludge Rock makeover that leaves you head-banging in agreement.

Warbirds is quite a dark and complex album and that’s down to the bleak lyrics the band have written for the majority of the songs. Nothing ever feels forced upon you with CHRMR making you feel at ease within their cold and bleak world. The Post-Hardcore tag maybe too off-putting for some and that’s a shame. As this is a deeply rewarding album that has many different great things going for it. The music for the start. Despite the 30 minute run-time, CHRMR tread a lot of musical ground on this album that will surprise you in many ways.

Other songs that impressed me were: Lends, Victoria, Don’t Walk Away and Wandering Winds – each having an exciting and individual premise to tell.

Warbirds is just an exciting and original album from a band with a highly original sound of their own. The band aren’t afraid to mix things up on Warbirds and that what makes them quite an exciting talent indeed.

Words by Steve Howe


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