Saturday 25 January 2020

Lush Worker - Cygnus (Album Review)

Release date: January 7th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Cygnus - Tracklisting

1.Planetary Transit 10:31
2.Simultaneous Stellar 10:46
3.Double-Star System 14:23


Mike Vest - Everything


Cygnus is the new album from Avant-Garde Musician – Mike Vest – who is better known for being part of bands such as BONG, 11PARANOIAS, Drunk In Hell, Blown Out and most recently OZO which I reviewed the other day for their debut album SATURN.

As you can see Mike keeps himself busy with many different projects that features many different elements from the Hard Rock/Metal Spectrum. This album is from Mike’s alter ego – Lush Worker – and this one is more of a Drone/Ambient Project with twisted vibes of Psychedelic Rock, Noise and Distorted Sounds. The album is quite different to Mike’s other projects but still has Mike’s wickedly entertaining creativity running throughout each of the 3 songs.

Mike always pushes the boundaries of what can be described as Psychedelic music and Cygnus is no different. I may prefer his more “Guitar” orientated projects to Lush Worker but this is still an engrossing and almost surreal take on Drone/Ambient Metal. Therapy music this ain’t.

This is a dark, brooding, unforgiving and cold audio experience and each song can be quite unsettling to listen to at times. Though, I suppose that’s the point with this record. To make the listener feel uncomfortable and Mike does that ease. The loose “Psychedelic” noises have a gloomy feel to them and you cannot be impressed what Mike has achieved with Lush Worker.

This is the 22nd release that Mike has released under Lush Worker and there are lots of many great releases to check out from his extensive discography. I can’t go through each and every one but there is some stunning releases to choose from. Not all of them are Drone/Ambient style music. Some of them are Experimental Psychedelic Rock that will surprise you in many ways. Check out 2019’s fantastic release Immunosuppression for another style of music from Lush Worker.

My advice for Lush Worker is check out many releases that you possibly can and see how far you get. You have 22 releases to choose from. Also Mike’s other cool and infamous projects as well.

Words by Steve Howe