Tuesday 7 January 2020

Majestic Mountain Records signs The Hypnagogics - Hear New Song - DARKEST NIGHT

Majestic Mountain Records signs The Hypnagogics

MMR-007 will be the debut album 'Endless Nights' from The Hypnagogics! A modern heavy rock album that will blow your minds! Not many band can come up with a debut album this impressive! 'Endless Nights' is an album full of riffs, emotions and with a fantastic vocal performance by Lina Paasijoki. 2020 will belong to The Hypnagogics!

Listen to album opener 'Darkest Night' and be floored by the sheer power of The Hypnagogics! 

'Endless Nights' drops on March the 20th and expect a vinyl pre-order in the beginning of March!


The Hypnagogics is a band from southern Sweden, who formed in 2015. Since it’s beginning they have released an EP and a single and have played shows around Sweden.

They found their sound when they recorded their single “Death Trip” (2017) and they decided to keep up with that in their next recording.

In 2019 they decided that it was time to make their debut album, “Endless Nights”, and started to record early that year.

Most of the songs were already written, but some of the songs came along during the recording process.

And the result was an dynamic album with a dark vibe to it, with hypnotic and heavy riffs and with lyrics about paranoia, dysfunctional relationships and inner demons.

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