Friday 24 April 2020

Empress - Sepulchre (Single Review)

Release date: April 24th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Sepulchre - Tracklisting



Sepulchre is the new single from Canadian Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metallers – EMPRESS – who are releasing this single on 24th April in remembrance and in tribute to their former band member – Brenden Gunn – who sadly passed away in October 2019.

Empress say this about the new song- “To celebrate the Birthday of Brenden Gunn on April 24th. Brenden passed away October 2019, he helped shaped this band and we miss him dearly. From the coming full length album due later this year.

Sepulchre is the new song from their upcoming full length album which will be released later this year and it’s a great way to honour Brenden’s memory with a furious slice of Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal aggression that sees the band move away from the sound they created on their 2018 debut release – Reminiscence.

That EP was more of a band finding their own sound whilst taking influence from acts such as ELDER, Mastodon and Baroness whilst allowing Empress to stand on their own merits and convictions with some epic Progressive sounds along the way.

Sepulchre is almost 5 minutes of finely tuned Psychedelic Doom/Sludge/Stoner Riffs that is the best song that I’ve heard from the guys. Ultra-tight guitars providing grizzled riffs that even manage to add a Thrash atmosphere in the early stages before settling down for an almost classic 90s Stoner Metal groove. 

Empress are firing on all cylinders on this song and this is the perfect tribute to honour Brenden’s memory with. As the song is fast-paced and contains a few surprises along the way especially with the more Ambient Sonic Projectory Empress employ towards the later stages of the song.

If this is the signs of things to come for the forthcoming full length album then Empress could have a real major surprise for us all when it’s finally released upon the world.

Words by Steve Howe