Tuesday 28 April 2020

Extermination Day - Demo 2020 (EP Review)

Release date: April 24th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Demo 2020 – Tracklisting

1.Ghetto Ghouls 02:29
2.Make Yer Bullets Count 03:10
3.Street Brawler 02:15


Nate Towle - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano, Mixing, Engineering, Songwriting/Lyrics


Nate Towle is the mastermind behind Extermination Day. Nate is perhaps best known for his work on Wicked Inquisition and Satan's Satyrs. Extermination Day is Nate’s Garage/Punk/Doom Solo Project and who have just released their new demo with Demo 2020.

This demo release has 3 songs lasting for 7 minutes and Nate channels his inner “Punk” on this release. There are a few fast-paced Doom Rock moments but it’s mostly a Garage/Punk Rock Rock affair with the low-key production having quite a cool sound to it all. This project reminds myself of Motorhead in many ways with the fast-paced riffs. Though this band has a different sound to Motorhead but Extermination Day do offer a Speed Punk groove in all the right places.

Nate recorded this over a 3 day period in April 2020 and for something put together that quick, you have to give Nate credit for creating a turbo-charged release that makes me want to hear more. The best song is perhaps “Street Brawler” with a classic Punk Rock attitude being used with the right amount aggression and snarling riffs that Nate plays on this song.

I don’t know what Nate’s future plans for this project but it could be quite an interesting project if Nate releases something more substantial. Maybe Nate may form a full-time band from this project. I’m a huge admirer of Nate’s previous work and it’s always good to see him back in action and Extraction Day despite it’s raw violent sound offers a few catchy hard-rocking riffs along the way to rock out to.

Words by Steve Howe