Thursday 2 April 2020

ZOLLE - Macello (Album Review) And Album Premiere Of MACELLO

Release date: April 3rd 2020. Label: Subsound Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Macello – Tracklisting

1.S'OFFRE 04:04
2.D'IO 02:25
3.M'IO 03:51
4.M'ACCETTA 02:29
5.L'ARA 02:32
6.L'AMA 02:51
7.L'AFFETTO 01:58
8.D'ANNATA 02:29
9.L'AURA 04:33


Stefano: drums and vocals
Marcello: Guitars and vocals


Macello is the 4th full length album from Italian Noise/Doom/Stoner Metal duo ZOLLE. The highly talented duo seem to be going back to their earlier sound on this album. As the album is quite different to their last record with the band playing a less experimental blend of Doom/Stoner music and focusing on a more groove-laden Psychedelic sound.

The album is perhaps a more twisted version of Floor and Torche with the emphasis on more Hard Rock tendencies as the band include a cool Classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal atmosphere to the album. Macello also has a party-going atmosphere which allows this album to have a huge sense of fun to it all and the Psychedelic sounds mean things stay heavy throughout the 26 minute runtime of the album.

Opening song – S’OFFRE – has the classic distorted guitars and heavy drumming sound that ZOLLE are instantly known for. The Psychedelic and twisted vocals are digitally distorted but they have an easy-going charm against the backdrop of heavy pounding Sludge/Stoner/Doom-Pop riffs. The Noise Rock atmospherics is what allows this album to become quite heavy places and the music will surprise you at how dark the album can really be.

Second song – D’IO – is another finely tuned slice of Psychedelic weirdness with an easy-going atmosphere to it all. ZOLLE excel in creating a Sludge/Stoner Rock party attitude that’s quite addictive and fast=paced at the same time. The kinetic drumming of Stefano is perhaps the best part of this song with the heavy guitars from Marcello playing a more laid-back style of riffs. The song is entirely instrumental and ZOLLE create their own blend of Doom-Pop nostalgia that fans of Torche will no doubt appreciate.

Third song – M’IO – carries on the twisted Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal theatrics with relish and even sees the band change their style of music for different parts of the album. The music is constantly changing and is perhaps one of the most creative songs on the album. The song also contains some of the heaviest sounds on the album when ZOLLE go full on DOOM/SLUDGE METAL mode that may surprise a few folks along the way.

One of the main strengths of this album is how ZOLLE aren’t afraid to use their Hard Rock/Heavy Metal influences on this album and just run away with whatever crazy ideas come to mind. Even the digitized/electronic vocals may seem crazy at first but in the context of this album alone then ZOLLE are right on the money with the creative choices they’ve made on this album.

Other great songs to check out are: M’ACETTA, L’ARA D’ANNATA and L’AURA. As ZOLLE continue to impress with their brilliantly weird and addictive style of Hard Rock.

Macello is very short at 26 mins but it’s what ZOLLE do with those 26 minutes that is one of the best things about this album. As Macello is never boring and the album feels like it’s on for twice as long and that’s down to the sheer amount of addictive sounds that will have you wanting more.

If you’re new to the world of ZOLLE then this album is the best place to start. For long-time fans of the band then be prepared for another brilliantly entertaining and turbo-charged album that maybe my favourite album from them yet.

Words by Steve Howe

You can hear Macello in full with this album premiere thanks to the good folks at All Noir PR and Subsound Records.

Thanks to Dominik at All Noir PR and Purple Sage PR for the promo. 

Macello will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Subsound Records from April 3rd 2020.