Monday 6 April 2020

SIGIRIYA - Maiden Mother Crone (Album Review)

Release date: April 15th 2020. Label: Burning World Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Maiden Mother Crone – Tracklisting

2.Cwn Annwn 05:57
3.Tau Ceti 05:28
4.Peace Of My Mind 05:57
5.Seeking Eden
6.Dark Call
7.Arise (Darkness Died Today)
8.Crushed By The Weight Of The Sky


Stu, Mead, Rhys, Matt


Since Sigiriya first emerged with debut album Return To Earth, they continued where Acrimony left off with huge riffs and thunderous grooves and with their first two highly enjoyable albums, they continued to produce great music. Now with the release of their third album, the eagerly awaited Maiden Mother Crone you can strike that up as another must listen album.

Maiden Mother Crone can be added to a list of albums that can rightfully be called long awaited and it has to be said that it has been rightfully worth the six year wait as soon as storming opening number Mantis blasts from the speakers.

From then on in, the riffs, courtesy of Stu O’Hara never stop and are as vast as the Welsh valleys from Sigiriya’s homeland. Matt Williams vocals sound better than ever, his fearsome roar is there but there is even more of a soulful feel to them which works so well over the bands soaring groove which new drummer Rhys Miles and bassist Mead capture so well.

Songs like Cwn Annwn, Peace Of My Mind and Seeking Eden sound absolutely massive and as the album reaches his epic conclusion with the majestic Crushed By The Weight If The Sky, you will feel a sense of joy at what what you have just listened to, it’s a positive experience which is must needed in these times of darkness.

This is an album that you will consume time and time again and will make you want to explore where it came from, what inspired it and you will want to go far back to achieve that. Acrimony’s Tummuli Shroomaroom remains an absolute classic (as is Hymns To The Stone but it is Acrimony’s second album that remains the firm favourite) and has never strayed far from listening habits and the recent remaster was another excuse to delve into the world of Acrimony again and it has to be said that Maiden Mother Crone has songs that are absolutely on a par with the likes of Hymns To The Stone and Million Year Summer.

As a body of work, both albums have that killer combination of riffs, power and soul that makes them such epic listening experiences so that is something to explore now and there isn’t a better time to do so. Maiden Mother Crone, is the sound of now though and it has to be said, has a crisper and more pristine production which makes the songs sound even more massive and the power hits you in the face from the get go and doesn’t let go resulting in an all consuming listening experience.

It’s great to have Sigiriya back and Maiden Mother Crone is a collection of songs you will listen to over and over and the sound of it is good. A life affirming album for sure and a must listen experience.

Words by Gavin Brown

Thanks to Jurgen at Burning World Records for the promo. Maiden Mother Crone is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via BurningWorld Records from April 15th 2020.