Sunday, 26 April 2020

Twin Sister - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: April 17th 2020. Label: God Unknown Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Twin Sister – S/T – Tracklisting

1.Light 04:39
2.Husk 07:22
3.Drought 08:41
4.Drab 06:56
5.Ashes 10:37


Jason Stöll - Bass
Otto Kokke - Keys
Renë Aquarius - Drums


Twin Sister is the new band featuring members of Dead Neanderthals, Sex Swing and Mugstar. However, Twin Sister is very different from those bands with this project focusing upon playing a heavy and distorted style of Drone Metal, Doom Metal, Psych Rock and Krautrock that all blends for a simplistic style of music. Though, the band make everything sound so addictive with a focused “one long distorted riff” style of music that will instantly appeal to fans of BONG and Sunn O))).

To the casual listener, Twin Sister maybe playing the same note over and over again. However, there is more to Twin Sister that you would initially expect. The music is always constantly engaging and the band can make the most simplistic note last for ages and still allow the music to be quite thrilling with the slow-paced drums and long drawn out Psychedelic sounding grooves

Opening song – Light – is quite atmospheric with the band moving between Psychedelic Drone and Post-Rock sounds with a Sludgy attitude moving the song to it’s natural conclusion. The slow-paced drumming is the main standout here with the music moving along to the fantastic beats that Renë provides. Jason and Otto bring a more nuanced style of Psychedelic textures with their work on Bass and Keys respectively.

Second song – Husk – is a slightly heavier song with Twin Sister adapting a more Doom/Drone Metal based approach that allows the Psychedelic Sounds to become ever more sinister with a creepy sounding 70s/80s synth effect reminding me of the classical soundtracks of John Carpenter films in places. This is one of the standout sounds on the album as Twin Sister create an unnerving experience that builds up for a more gloomy cinematic experience.

Third song – Drought – operates with a more depressive outlook on life with the song being close to Post-Black Metal on certain stages of the song. The instrumental work feels quite calculated and emotionally distant with the Synths adding a more “Gothic” feel. The song is still firmly routed in Drone/Doom Metal territory but allows Twin Sister to experiment with their sound even further and still create a harsh Psychedelic environment which is always equally addictive.

The final two songs on the album – Drab and Ashes – continue with the Drone/Doom/Krautrock experimental groove and offer some of the harshest and heaviest songs on the album especially on the final song – Ashes.

This album isn’t going to be for everyone. As it’s not the most easiest album to listen to. I admire Twin Sister for releasing an album such as this. It’s dark, brave and utterly fearless with it’s own brilliant use of Drone/Doom Metal which left me wanting more.

Overall, Twin Sister debut album is a welcome addition to the dark world of Drone/Doom Metal and you should check out if want to hear something different.

Words by Steve Howe