Tuesday, 7 April 2020

ROBUSTFELLOW PRODS Release New BOMG Album - Peregrination

Peregrination includes 4 near 40-minute tracks in which instrumental parts were live recorded simultaneously in full length of each track, with added instruments, effects and field recordings afterward. Each track represents one thought unit and contextually associates with a 1\4 of the album cover in z-pattern from top left to bottom right. Vintage instruments, high-power amplification and sound systems, subsonic frequencies, effect saturation, odd timing, soundscape and psychedelia influenced this, besides other things.

Bomg is a doom band originating from Monastyryshche, Ukraine. Musically it persists on a heavy sonic basis and ranges in different vibes.

Current line-up:
Yurii Temchenko - bass
Nick Temchenko - guitar, vocals
Anton Homenko – drums

The band was formed in 2010, sharing the interest of proto-doom, stoner and psychedelic\space rock, sci\fi, post-apocalyptic aesthetic and little known local history. The name was picked after terminology that described vagabond people in the late USSR, and it reflected the overall aesthetic vibe. Later that year Bomg released the first demo.

In 2011 the band started working on the first LP “Polynseeds”, several singles and released “Etaph” as one of them. Bomg recorded “Polynseeds”, “Plutonaut” and “Old Satellite Jam” in 2012 and moved to Kyiv to open Evergreen studio. “Polynseeds” was released in 2013. In 2014 the band started working on the second album while releasing split with Khola Cosmica, “Old Satellite Jam” and a single for Electric Funeral compilation. During 2017-2018 Bomg recorded 4LP “Peregrination” at Evergreen studio and released it in 2020.

Bomg on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BOMGband/
Bomg on bandcamp: https://bomg.bandcamp.com/