Saturday 11 April 2020

Mammuthus - S/T (EP Review)

Release date: March 04th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Mammuthus – S/T – Tracklisting

1.Without You 03:00
2.Backdoor 03:13
3.Bloodworm 03:44
4.Something New 03:39


Matt Bradford (Bass)
Rob Dring (Drums)
Josh Micallef (Guitar, Vocals)


New Zealand Stoner Rockers – Mammuthus – show a lot of promise with their debut self-titled EP with their style of Stoner Rock which has elements of Sludge Rock, Fuzz Rock, Desert Rock and Psychedelic Rock to allow the band have quite a rich and thick sound that you wouldn’t expect. I wasn’t expecting Josh vocals to be quite so melodic. I was expecting a more grizzled and heavier style of vocals but I was majorly surprised by that and he delivers a wonderful “Stoner Rock” type performance on this EP.

Mammuthus blast their way through the 4 songs on the EP with supreme confidence and you wouldn’t believe this is their debut EP. As this feels like a band who have been releasing killer records for years on end.

The 4 songs are quite short all running under 4 minutes each but it’s a winning sound with KYUSS and TRUCKFIGHTERS being a major influence on the band but the band still show they have some impressive ideas of their own when merging the Desert/Psych Rock groove with a dirty Sludge Rock atmosphere.

The guitars are frantic and full of delicious “FUZZ” especially on the superb two opening songs – Without You and Backdoor. The final two songs Bloodworm and Something New amps up the Stoner Rock/Metal atmosphere with Mammuthus paying homage to the Godfathers of Stoner Rock such as KYUSS and FU MANCHU.

Mammuthus feel like they have a lot more cool stories to tell and I wanted this EP to be on much longer than the 13 minutes that it currently offers. As they’ve released a well-crafted and superbly entertaining EP that delivers on all fronts in the RIFFS DEPARTMENT...

Words by Steve Howe