Saturday 19 December 2020

King Chiefs - Flying Into Void (Album Review)

Release date: December 15th 2020. Label: Roosevelt Row Records. Format: DD

Flying Into Void – Tracklisting

1.Flying Into Void 04:04
2.Buzzface 03:51
3.Gloom Room 04:07
4.Dropout Dream 04:53
5.Hidden Hills 04:05
6.Cut Teeth 03:16
7.Poison Eagle 04:37
8.Goner 03:22
9.Big Sleep 04:49


Flying Into Void ins the new album from San Diego, Californian Psych Stoner Rockers – King Chiefs. This is their 1st release since their acclaimed 2018 release Blue Sonnet. King Chiefs aim for a more cinematic and adventurous sound with this release. As they band embrace a more Psychedelic Poppy style of music especially with the excellent vocals and spaced out sounds the band wonderfully embrace on the record.

Opening song – Flying Into Void – is a glorious upbeat Stoner Rock/Metal song with shades of Monster Magnet driving it along to it’s wonderfully epic conclusion. The band draw you instantly into their heavy world where the music is one of positivity and rebellious nature all at the same time. With everything being more on the melodic side don’t go expecting any bleak moments of music because after the year everyone has experience in 2020 then King Chiefs are here to end things on a positive note especially if you’re a fan of Desert Rock, Fuzz Rock and Stoner Metal.

Second song – Buzzface – carries on the fast-paced and upbeat sounds with a delicious and heavy FUZZ Rock starting to appear. The song does have shades of classic Desert Rock interlaced with mighty Space Rock themes. The hazy riffs and top-notch vocals make for one of the standout songs on the album. The lyrics are brilliantly simple and easily to remember to sing-along to. King Chiefs play a more outlandish style of Classic Rock with Proggy Guitar solos on the later stages of the song.

Third song – Gloom Room – offers a more Doom Rock atmosphere with Paul’s soaring and highly energetic vocals having shades of early Ozzy to them. The music is s till the best part of the song and it is for the whole album. Though, King Chiefs have written great lyrics to match the epic riffs played on this album. If you dig Fu Manchu and Monster Magnet then this is the place to be. King Chiefs still find time and creative energy to play their own blend of addictive Stoner Rock/Metal.

Fourth song – Dropout Dream – goes straight for the jugular with a more direct offering with the band playing one of the loudest and aggressive songs on the record. This is what King Chiefs excel at and what their music is all about. Ever since their debut release, they can conjure classic Desert/Stoner Rock grooves to match up with the best of them and this song is no different. The hazy FUZZ ROCK sounds allow King Chiefs to switch between melodic riffs to the more aggressive Doom/Stoner Metal ideas that start to appear more and more often on the 2nd half of the album.

Hidden Hills, Cut Teeth and Big Sleep are the other songs I feel are the best part of this album and perhaps include the most entertaining riffs on the record.

Flying Into Void may sound too simple for some and doesn’t take enough creative risks but I applaud King Chiefs for writing an album such as this. Sure all the songs sound similar but you will be supremely entertained from start to finish with an outstanding collection of Stoner Rock/Metal songs to lose yourself in.

The production is LOUD and makes the album sound super-fresh and perhaps allow this being the best record that King Chiefs have ever sounded.

With 2020 drawing to a close, I’m hoping this record doesn’t get lost along the way that some records released this time of year normally do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Stoner Rock/Metal, this is a must have album to add to your record collection. For myself personally, Flying Into Void has managed to gain a place on my best albums of 2020 list. That’s how good this album is….

Words by Steve Howe


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