Tuesday 8 December 2020

SUMMONER - Live At Day Of Doom (Album Review)

Release date: December 11th 2020. Label: Magnetic Eye Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Live At Day Of Doom – Tracklisting

1.Skies of the Unknown (Live)
2.Let the Light In (Live) 
3.The Interloper (Live)
4.The Prophecy (Live)
5.Into the Abyss (Live)
6.Horns of War (Live)
7.Conjuring (Live)


Boston’s Doom/Sludge/Stoner Riffsters Summoner are the last band to feature on the Live At Day Of Doom quartet of Live Albums with Horsehunter, Elephant Tree and Domkraft already impressing myself with respective Live Albums.

Day Of Doom Festival was arranged to do the following:

Magnetic Eye Records invited our four flagship bands to perform at our DAY OF DOOM label showcase, a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of our premier bands on the same stage.

Each performance was carefully captured to be issued as an exclusive live album to commemorate the event and the first decade in business of Magnetic Eye Records.

I’ve been a fan of Summoner since they started releasing music under the Summoner name. The band used to be known as Riff Cannon and that’s how I became a fan of this great band. Summoner have released two of my favourite Stoner Rock/Metal albums of the last 10 years with 2012’s – Phoenix and 2017’s – Beyond The Realm Of Light, always being played on my MP3 Player on a constant basis.

So I was very excited to hear Summoner’s Live Album in full. I’ve always wanted to see the guys in action but never had the chance. I believe they’ve only performed one solitary gig in the UK and that was at Desertfest. This is the next best thing for me to witness Summoner performing a Live Gig and it doesn’t disappoint.

As Summoner play a wealth of outstanding tracks from 3 of their acclaimed releases on Magnetic Eye Records. The live concert itself feels like a Greatest Hits set with Summoner choosing the best tracks from their Magnetic Eye Records output with favourites such as: Skies Of The Unknown, Let The Light In, The Interloper, The Prophecy and Conjuring being played to a highly enthusiastic audience.

The best part of the album for myself is when Summoner play Let The Light In. As that’s my all-time favourite song of Summoner’s. With it’s winning blend of Psychedelic grooves and Post-Doom riffs switching to a heavier style of Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal. The vocals are heartfelt on this song and makes this worth the purchase of the album alone.

This is perhaps the best “Live At Day Of Doom” album being released by Magnetic Eye Records. Though, maybe I’m being biased. As these guys are a genuine favourite band of mine and this album connected more emotionally compared to the other 3 Live Albums. They’re all fantastic Live Albums but this is the standout album for myself. The instrumental work from Summoner is a joy to behold and ranks as one of the best Live Albums I’ve heard this year.

Overall, Summoner – Live At Day Of Doom – is standout album being released within this collection of Live Albums and me wonder how long until we hear new material from Summoner. Until then, this Live Album will do for now.

Outstanding stuff….

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Magnetic Eye Records for the promo.

You can buy Summoner - Live At Day Of Doom - from Magnetic Eye Records from Dec 11th 2020 on CD/DD/Vinyl.