Sunday 13 December 2020

Superlord - VS. Gargantuan (EP Review)

Release date: December 11th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

VS. Gargantuan – Tracklisting

1.Weight 05:30
2.Desert Ruins 06:11
3.Vs. Gargantuan 06:17
4.Alice Olive 10:41


Aaron Brennan - Guitar/Vox
Tom Humphrey - Bass
Mike Whittle - Drums


Superlord are a new band from the UK Doom/Stoner Metal scene who have just released their debut EP – Vs. Gargantuan. The EP offers 4 songs stretching across almost the whole Doom/Stoner Metal spectrum with hazy Psychedelic sounds with delicious amounts of HEAVY FUZZ which gives Superlord a more threatening sound.

The band take their musical cues and inspirations from bands such as Black Sabbath, SLEEP, Monster Magnet and early-era The Sword though playing on their own uncompromising terms. The Spaced Out Elements gives the EP an almost Fantastical Feel especially with the lyrics and the superb vocals make this a winning record from start to finish.

Opening song – Weight – offers the legendary cosmic vibes of Monster Magnet and Doomed Out Greatness with Black Sabbath style heaviness. The vocals remind myself of Roger Daltrey and it’s a very cool mix which takes you along for the ride. The heavy FUZZ riffs sees the band brimming with extreme confidence and this feels like Superlord’s 3rd or 4th album instead of their debut.

Second song – Desert Ruins – is more a KYUSS flavoured offering with a grizzled Desert/Stoner Metal vibe moving into Progressive Doom style madness. The heavy guitars once again lead the way with impeccable timing and fantastic riffs. Though, there’s a lot going on with this song especially with the background sound textures that make Aaron’s vocals feeling slightly distorted but still being part of the action.

The second half of the EP sees Superlord starting to be more creative with their music and embracing a heavier style of Doom/Stoner Rock which has a more cinematic Prog Rock feel with the final two songs of Vs. Gargantuan and Alice Olive. These two songs offer 17 minutes of action-packed sounds that are the best part of the EP. Especially the final song Alice Olive which runs for almost 11 minutes.

Alice Olive is the centrepiece and standout song of the EP and one that will impress listeners the most. The band play different styles of Doom/Stoner Metal on this song and it keep the mood wonderfully fresh but also one that pays respects to their musical influences .

Vs. Gargantuan is helped along by fantastic production which gives the record quite a buoyant and vibrant feel. Everything is played LOUD on this record and the band will definitely give your hearing a Doom/Stoner Metal audio workout.

This is one of the best debut releases I’ve heard this year and thanks to these guys that I have to rethink my best records of 2020 list. As these guys have just claimed one of the very last spots.

I feel we won’t hear the real Superlord until they release a proper full length record. As I feel they a longer record to show the world what they’re really capable of. Hopefully, there is an Indie Record Label looking for a new Doom/Stoner Metal band to take a gamble upon. I would say sign these guys up now. As they have the potential to be future stars of the UK Doom/Stoner Metal scene.

Words by Steve Howe


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