Tuesday 29 December 2020

Packet Up - New Firm To Help Bands And Record Labels Ship Merchandise Worldwide At Much Cheaper Rates

Packet Up is a new firm that helps bands and record labels ship their records and merch worldwide at much cheaper rates.

So, first a little background. My partner owns the record label Despotz Records in Sweden. He was tired of expensive international shipping costs. We analyzed the countries of Europe and came to the conclusion that Lithuania would be our best location to set everything up. We store, pack and ship products for other record labels and artists worldwide at cheaper rates.

The warehousing and pick and pack service is FREE so you don't have to spend time on packaging and going to the post office (our small margins instead come from the shipping prices you can see below).

Some record labels will use us for their whole stock. Others more for new releases.

Here you can read more: https://packet-up.com/

Here is a little explanation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlFpH8FhmsI

Here you can see our shipping prices in €:

Storage and the manpower or packaging each order and shipping them out is completely FREE. The only cost that is added is the packaging material at self cost.

I believe we can save the bands and labels quite a bit of money in shipping costs and ultimately help the fans too!