Friday 4 December 2020

SAIL Release New Live EP - Live At TAD Studios

The four tracks were recorded at TAD Studios as part of a live session, and feature our latest single Mannequin, two tracks from Slumbersong (Shimmer & Old Tom) and Bookends, which has never been released. We wanted to celebrate these tracks in a different environment and add a positive note to the end of a difficult year; our fans have stuck by us and we want to reward them for their loyalty.




1) Mannequin (Live at TAD Studios)

2) Bookends (Live at TAD Studios)

3) Shimmer (Live at TAD Studios)

4) Old Tom (Live at TAD Studios)


Art credit: Tim Kazer

Mixing and mastering: Umair Chaudhry

Additional audio editing: Kynan Scott 


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