Monday 27 December 2021

Space Coke - Lunacy (Album Review)

Release Date: January 14th 2022. Record Label: Forbidden Place Records. Format: DD/CD

Lunacy  - Tracklisting

Bride Of Satan

Alice Lilitu

Frozen World


Twist Of Cain


Reno Gooch (Guitar and Vocals

 Jay Matheson, (Bass and Recording Engineer)

Brandon Johnson (Drums)

 Moses Andrews III (Organ and Keys)


Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Rockers Space Coke have always had a “GONZO” approach to their music but they take it even further on their third full length album Lunacy. This album feels like the “INMATES HAVE TAKEN OVER THE ASYLUM” with the band taking an experimental Occult/Space Rock approach with their sound. Parts Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa and sounds of the legendary 60's Psych Rock Scene for an album quite hard to comprehend at first. As there’s a lot of different ideas, stories and grooves that rewrites the Doom/Stoner Metal rule-book in places.

Lunacy is a dark and brooding experience with its lush psychedelic and scary occult themes amongst the Jimi Hendrix inspired Psychedelic Freakouts and Frank Zappa heavily inspired lyrics. Though it’s the heavy Space Rock element I dig the most about Lunacy. Space Coke brings a fresh perspective when splicing Occult themes to WEEDIAN based culture. The album is a mixture of different creative elements from members of the band. You may think you’re living inside a surreal Psychedelic Nightmare and I suppose that is the point of the album. It’s not meant to make sense but I had a devilish time listening to all the groovy and hazy madness going on inside the album especially on songs such as Bride Of Satan, Frozen World, Lightmare and Twist Of Cain.

The sound clips are an inspired choice especially when the album keeps on taking sinister turns just for the sheer hell of it. I did have a struggle at first with some of the lyrical content but repeated listens helped that I soon got the message of it all. So don’t go expecting a straight forward album. Space Coke always thrives on creating unsettling environments held deep within the dark depths of Doom/Stoner Metal.

The band show their love for the Psychedelic and Experimental music scene from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. So it doesn’t exactly sound modern by today’s standards but there’s a KICK-ASS Fuzz Rock attitude with Sabbath based grooves to hopefully keep the followers of the MIGHTY RIFF entertained from start to finish.

Lunacy is aptly named and the production values are off the scale that make this album sound daring, bold and downright freaky. Yeah, I loved LUNACY just for its sheer bravado and rebellious spirit that Space Coke has created for this album.

Overall, Lunacy is a deeply inventive album packed full of great sounds, grooves and wonderfully bleak ideas that allow Space Coke to stand out from the “weirdo” Doom/Stoner Metal crowd.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to C Squared Music for the promo.

Lunacy will be available to buy on CD/DD via Forbidden Place Records from January 14th 2022.


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