Friday 24 December 2021

The King's Pistol Premiere New Single SNOW BLIND From Upcoming New EP - I AM THE KING

'Snow Blind', a brand new single from The King's Pistol with a video by Witch Finder General (Devil's Witches) from their third EP 'I Am The King' which will be premiering on New Year's eve ahead of the pre-sale starting end of January with Majestic Mountain Records.

'Snow Blind' gives us a razor sharp look into what's in store for us with The King's Pistol's third ep, 'I Am The King', an electrically eclectic and raucously rowdy slice of filthy rock and fucking roll heaven.

Dripping with equal parts soul and sleaze, The King's Pistol has taken their already salaciously clever songwriting and unflappably tight musicianship to the next level and beyond with their third offering which boasts a boisterously addictive collection of tracks fit to soundtrack the most debauched of celebrations or a simply misenthropic, table flipping fist to cuffs down at the local pub. This is a balls to the wall, no nonsense rock and roll made Pistol style, brilliantly brash with lashings of psychedelic wonder and grimy disco fever.

Pistol's satiny, lyrical pomposity and chunky riffing, stomping Hendrixain interludes and blasting beats right on the money from drummer James Farmer, Andy Shardlow's bombastic bass stylings tying this rousingly volatile little hand grenade into something something akin to a giant, ticking time bomb of intoxicatingly thrilling, rollicking rock and roll revelry. 'I Am The King' Is coming for you and we get a good taste of what's in store with 'Snow Blind'!

Turn it up and get twisted with The King's Pistol!

Snow Blind Recorded at Foel Studios
Engineered by: Chris Fielding
Mixed and mastered by: James Farmer Jnr
Video: Witch Finder General


Thanks to Majestic Mountain Records for all of the details.