Sunday 2 January 2022

Cormano - Weird Tales (Album Review)

Release Date: January 1st 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format:DD

Weird Tales  - Tracklisting

1.La Marcha Del Desierto 03:05

2.Weird Tales 05:45

3.Bury Me With My Money 05:47

4.El Caleuche 06:06

5.Urknall 05:23

6.Rise From Your Grave 05:54

7.Futuere 08:05

8.A Boy And His Dog 07:44


Rodrigo Jiménez (Drums/Backing vocals)

Claudio Bobadilla (Bass/Backing vocals)

Aaron Saavedra (Guitar/Lead Vocals)


Weird Tales is the debut album from Chilean Doom/Stoner Rockers Cormano and it uses a fantastical slice of the band members imagination as the main themes for this album. With the band using monsters, old western landscapes and dystopian worlds. The music itself is a combination of old school Stoner Rock/Metal with a Doom Rock and Psychedelic based nature that has a classic Hard Rock feel. The music is quite intense in places and insanely loud with the Power Trio formation being used to great effect.

Cormano also brings that heavy and hazy South American Fuzz/Desert Rock approach on the more subtle parts of the album. The album does have an atmospheric and almost gloomy feel on the first few songs with La Marcha Del Desierto, Weird Tales and Bury Me With My Money laying down the groundwork that pays homage to classic acts such as Black Sabbath, KYUSS and Truckfighters. However, this is only for brief glimpses as Cormano wisely stay true to themselves with the pounding grooves and distinctively Psychedelic Out Of This World attitude.

Cormano knows how to write a mean riff but it’s their willingness to experiment with different areas of music such as Punk Rock that make this album such a joy. The instrumental work on Weird Tales is superb with Cormano playing too many standout heavy sounds and grooves to mention. The production is great though there are a few rough moments along the way. However, this gives Weird Tales a fresh identity of its very own.

Some folks may spot nods to classic “B” movies along the way when hearing this album. There’s a lot of hidden depth to this album and the band excel playing FLAT OUT ROCKERS and MODERN DAY DOOM/STONER METAL layered with delicious FUZZ and GUITAR REVERB.

Weird Tales is a splendidly entertaining and killer off-beat debut album from Cormano and showcases another highlight from the South American Stoner Rock/Metal Scene.

Words by Steve Howe


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