Tuesday 25 January 2022

Regulus - Pulse (Album Review)

Release Date: January 28th 2022. Record Label: Earache Records Digital. Format: DD

Pulse - Tracklisting

Into The Black
Hive Mind
The Flood
In The Wake Of The Galleon


Adam Perkins - Drums
Thomas Osborne - Guitars
Chloé Jolivel - Vocals
Billy Law-Bregan - Guitars
Martyn Bewick - Bass


UK Stoner Rockers Regulus return after a five year absence with their new album Pulse and the band have had some line-up changes since then. The band are now a five piece with Chloé Jolivel taking over vocal duties from ex-member Luke Jennings who sadly left the band due to health issues. The band have also added Billy Law-Bregan from 57 Down on Guitar duties. This version of Regulus offers a more soulful sound compared to their 2017 album.

Pulse is an exceptionally well made affair with the right amount of gritty and blues rock style of UK Stoner Rock/Metal. Chloé’s vocals have an easy going and ice-cold edge to them when the heavier moments appear especially on the superb opening song Into The Black that’s a mixture of Black Sabbath heavy grooves and KYUSS fused Stoner Rock/Metal with a classic hard rock appeal.

Second song - Fuchsia - is another heavy pounding song with an 80s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal edge that soon gives off impressive Psych Stoner Rock/Metal vibes. The song is LOUD and BOISTEROUS with the band not afraid playing flashes of Progressive Rock that may have a slightly early-QUEEN twinge to them. With the band being from Sheffield and Lincoln, they do bring that legendary UK Hard Rock/Heavy Mentality to this album with a lovely sideline of Blues Rock along the way.

Third song - Hive Mind - is a hard rocking number with Chloé being a Hard Rock SIren on this track. The background vocals do a fine job aiding Chloé but she’s the real force and power of this song with the music not too far behind. The lyrics maybe too safe at times but the track moves along at a cracking pace and it’s another winning and vintage slice of Hard Rock and Stoner Metal.

Other songs that Regulus impressed me with are: Contagion, The Flood and Pulse. Perhaps the standout and most powerful tracks on the album with Regulus bringing a more emotional and real-life vulnerability to the record.

This version of Regulus reminds me of early-era Sludge Metallers HIGH FIGHTER as Chloé has a similar style of vocals to Mona Miluski. I mean that as a compliment as Mona is one of my favourite vocalists and people within the scene.

Pulse is backed up by fantastic production values with everything being LOUD and CLEAR with a dynamic presence coming from the whole audio projection of the album. 2022 could end up being a big year for Regulus to impress audiences with. Pulse is a wildly addictive and powerful record that’s packed with soul and meaty aggression that make this a welcome addition to the underground Stoner Rock/Metal scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Pulse will be available to buy on DD via Earache Records from January 28th 2022.