Saturday 1 January 2022

Stargo - Dammbruch (EP Review)

Release Date: December 17th 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Viny

Dammbruch - Tracklisting

1.Dammbruch 14:11

2.Copter 06:11

3.Bathysphere 08:36


Dammburch is the third release from German Stoner Metal Collective Stargo and it’s a different style of Stoner Rock/Metal with flashes of Cosmic Interludes to flesh out the band’s whole sound. The EP runs for around twenty nine minutes but it feels longer and that’s a good thing with Stargo playing an almost Post-Whatever style with the boundaries of Stoner Rock/Metal.

The record is purely instrumental and offers moments of intelligent Progressive Rock with the songs being packed full of Psychedelic Spaced Out Wonder. There are twinges of Alternative Rock and Post-Ambient themes on this record and they expertly come alive on the albums outstanding title track that runs for an impressive fourteen minutes. The music has a Pink Floyd quality in places though merged with ELDER and WEEDPECKER dreamlike Psych Rock delivery.

There’s a lot going on with Stargo’s music despite there being no lyrics. The band expertly conjures up magical worlds different to our own but still keep everything grounded and realistic. The album does offer a fine balance of Heavy Stoner Metal Grooves and the more quieter surreal Post-Rock/Post-Stoner moments heard on the later stages of the record.

The remaining two tracks Capter and Batysphere maybe not as Progressive as the excellent opening track but Stargo go all out by playing their epic blend of Psychedelic Stoner Metal with a more focused melodic outlook. Stoner Metal sounds are spliced with a delicious sideline in FUZZ ROCK but still with the added bonus of Ambient Sounds set against a stunning Space Rock backdrop. This part of the EP can be quite cold and desolate with the instrumental work being quite refined and held back for a more personal and reflective sound.

Dammbruch is an uplifting and euphoric slice of Stoner Metal that’s a great way to end the year with. This is an adventurous record backed up by excellent production values and allows Stargo to release another fantastic record to their already impressive discography.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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