Sunday 30 January 2022

First Draft - Declines Are Long Gone (EP Review)

Release Date: February 19th 2022. Record Label: LyloProd. Format: DD/Vinyl

Declines Are Long Gone - Tracklisting

Declines Are Long Gone

A CHapter On Each Page

Time Hail No Suns

Kneel Down In Silence

Obey The Rhyme


Marine Arnoult - Drums/Vocals

Clément Douam - Guitars


French Post-Rock/Shoegaze/Alt-Rock Duo First Draft debut EP - Declines Are Long Gone - is a richly rewarding listen drawing influences from True Widow and Mogwai with layers of a twinge of Noise Rock and cinematic psychedelic weirdness. The earthly vocals from lead vocalist Marine are passionate with a sweet emotional core shining through.

The first track Declines Are Long Gone is most definitely of today’s Post-Rock movement with the Shoegaze aspect allowing First Draft to draw in other sounds that seem quite bleak at first especially with the haunting lyrics that accompany the fantastical Post-Rock sounds. The song does have an eighties and nineties feel to them but one that should appeal to long time devotees of the Post-Rock/Shoegaze movement.

Second song A Chapter On Each Page offers a heavier Post-Rock approach with the Shoegaze aspect missing in action. However, the Alt-Rock and Noise Rock elements make willing counterparts with First Draft being more progressive in their vision and creative directions. The lyrics are quite heartfelt and the vocals are superb yet again with the music not overthrowing Marine’s vocal performance. One of the EP’s standout songs.

Third song Time Hail No Suns sees First Draft bring an almost “Post-Metal” sound to the EP. As this is one of the heaviest tracks on the EP though it does take a few moments to fully arrive. The sparse drumming and guitars are intelligent throughout with the guitars being mostly in the background whilst the drumming are the loudest aspects for this song. The song does lend itself to bands such as Russian Circles for the heavier Post-Rock grooves but still allowing First Draft to play their own devilish brand of Post-Rock.

The final two songs on the EP - Kneel Down In Silence and Obey The Rhyme - follow the same creative formula as the other songs that lead to some interesting musical Post-Rock passages especially on Obey The Rhyme. This is my favourite part of the EP with First Draft playing the most haunting and boldly artistic vibes on the entire EP.

Declines Are Long Gone is a stunning backdrop into the darker depths of Post-Rock and Shoegaze with a band with some truly interesting to say.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Floriane at Shake Promotion for the promo.

Declines Are Long Gone will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via LyloProd from Feb 19th 2022.


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