Monday 3 January 2022

Bear Chest - Sleaze (Album Review)

Release Date: November 25th 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Sleaze - Tracklisting

1.Holy Roller 03:22

2.I Know You Hear It 03:04

3.Burned Away 02:46

4.Don't Feed It 03:46

5.Swinger 04:18

6.Strip The Leather Away 03:44

7.Snake Breath 03:23

8.Eat From The Inside 02:45

9.Red Cavern 05:33

10.No Love 02:38

11.Bleeding Through The Eyes 03:48


Bear Chest are a Stoner Rock Band from the UK who bring an extra layer of Sleaze to their music. Hence the name of the album. However, that’s not exactly what this album is really about. This is straight-forward Stoner Rock with a heavy reliance on Psychedelic Rock and Spaced Out vibes for quite an adventurous record. The album is never going to be considered groundbreaking but it does see Bear Chest take a lot of creative chances by using a lot of different styles of music to add to their overall Stoner Rock sound.

Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Grunge and even flashes of Alternative Rock combine for HUGE GROOVES and LOUD MELODIC RIfFS. The vocals are stuck in a permanent timewarp of 70s Hard Rock to 90s Alt Rock/Grunge with a distinctive Desert/Stoner Rock flavour to them.

The music is always allowing Bear Chest to have a great time. I cannot really compare Bear Chest to anyone currently around but these guys wouldn’t be out of place being signed to labels such as Ripple Music. As they play the kind of Stoner Rock sound that Ripple Music excel at.

There is an abundance of great songs for Bear Chest to impress listeners with such as Holy Roller, I Know You Hear It, Swinger, Snake Breath, Red Cavern and Bleeding Through The Eyes.

These are the songs where I feel Bear Chest impressed the most with the distinctive style of Stoner Rock. The band is even too confident on some of these songs and that's good to hear. As the band brings a truly confident creative swagger to the whole album.

Overall, Sleaze is an album that is “ALL KILLER & NO FILLER”. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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