Saturday 29 January 2022

Devil Magick Announce New Song TEARS IN RAIN

Devil Magick has released their first single "Tears in Rain" on January 22, 2022.

Hailing from the sun bathed shores of Southern California, Devil Magick is preparing to bring it's own unique brand of heavy gloom and doom to the the world. Drawing influence from a broad spectrum of genres, from old school death metal and hardcore to epic doom metal and goth rock, they've been characterized by authoritative doom metal blog "Doomed and Stoned" as possessing "searing guitar tone and an atmosphere of wintry sadness". The band's first single -Tears in Rain- is a loving tribute to Ridley Scott's monumental film Blade Runner, based on the stoic speech of the fugitive Replicant Roy Batty at the film's end.

Their first EP is releasing Spring 2022.


Donovan North -Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Aguilar -Vocals/Guitar
Pete Bucci -Vocals/Bass
Jose Garcia - Drums