Friday 29 April 2022

Basson Laubscher & The Violent Free Peace release video for new single ‘Shoot Me Down’

Basson Laubscher & his band of blues-rock bandits brings you a hard-hitting, raw, garage-rock salvo on his latest single Shoot Me Down.

Shoot Me Down takes lyrical inspiration from the frustration and defeat from the end of a relationship and inevitable breakup and blends it musically into blissfully dirty, heavy, psychedelic, fuzzed-out rock n' roll. 

Hailing from his testify album, Laubscher shows how he makes his Stratocaster sing with his signature passionate, raw & pure soul ecstasy. This is a no holds barred riff burger and will get you headbanging and throwing the devil horns in no time. 

There’s an accompanying video for the track which follows the no frills & cut the bullshit approach by letting the band do what they do best, get in a room and just let it rip. Shoot me down was filmed in their band room by the video's director & editor Kyle Wesson, who also served as the band's drummer till 2021. 

Dubbed South Africa’s Rory Gallagher, Basson Laubscher is one talented musician. Born and raised in Stellenbosch, Basson fell in love with music! At the tender age of 13 he started playing guitar and has never looked back. During his high school career, he met fellow band member Bertie Coetzee and helped form one of South Africa’s most loved bands, Zinkplaat who performed at all of South Africa’s most loved festivals for over 10 years. After the band split, Basson knew he had to pursue music further and thus the violent free peace was born, with a passion for blues rock.

The violent free peace delivers with intense passion and honesty. With practice comes perfection which allows for every show to be a truly unique experience. With some face-melting guitars, foot-stomping grooves, and a crowd that goes wild from start to finish. Lead by Basson Laubscher (ex Zinkplaat) this interactive rock 'n roll powerhouse create a symbiotic tight-knit experience that will have you a rock and roll believer in no time at all.

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