Wednesday 20 April 2022

Exclusive Premiere Of SHALLOW BLACK Performing WEEDEATER Classics God Luck And Good Speed / Cain Enabler

Shallow Black only released their debut EP D2E0M2O2 [CHAPTERS] on March 25th 2022. You can read my review here. Shallow Black is the new project from Erik Bigelow who is the drummer of acclaimed Doom/Stoner Metal outfit EMBR.

My brief review was: "D2E0M2O2 [CHAPTERS] is the debut release from Shallow Black and follows a dark path of Dark Doom, Sludge Metal and Industrial Metal. The record runs for around 32 minutes and is a totally different beast compared to EMBR with Erik on mesmerising but bleak form. The sound is quite gloomy and isolated with the industrial beats and sound-clips that appear on the first few moments of the record."

Shallow Black have embraced the WEEDIAN Holiday Spirit of 4/20 by releasing these two excellent covers of Weedeater classics God Luck and Good Speed / Cain Enabler which you can hear in full below with this exclusive premiere.

Quite different to Shallow Black's debut release and it's good to see Erik having fun with the more STONER based grooves on offer here.

Thanks to Erik for the info and for the premiere.


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