Saturday 30 April 2022

Jawless - Warrizer (Album Review)

Release Date: February 02nd 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: Cassette/DD

Warrizer - Tracklisting

1.G.O.D (Genuine Obsessive Disruptive) 07:50

2.War Is Come 06:53

3.Dark Muzzling 08:47

4.Deceptive Events 06:27

5.Bad Excursion 05:12

6.Metaphorical Speech 04:19

7.Restrained 05:28

8.The Throne of Tramp 05:54


Indonesian Doom/Stoner Metallers Jawless new album Warrizer is a great mix of fast-paced heavy Doom/Stoner Metal with a few throwbacks to the classic style of slow-paced Hard Rock and Heavy Psychedelics. Maybe not the most groundbreaking album you’re ever likely to hear but there’s a lot of passion and creativity on this record with a deceptive vintage sound running through it all.

The album does a gloomy presence with a fuzzy outlook where the Stoner Metal grooves are concerned. Jawless are classed mostly proto-metal with their mix of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne creative themes but throw in some fast-paced Motorhead aggression first heard on the early stages of the album especially on excellent opening tracks G.O.D (Genuine Obsessive Disruptive) and War Is Come.

The production is quite sparse in places and maybe could be quite heavier in places but Jawless are an interesting band to listen to. As they do try many different styles of music on this album. The songwriting is a very strong aspect for this release along with the vocals. Though, it’s ultimately the heavy grooves contained on this release that make this such a very cool album to listen to.

Jawless live in the good old days of Doom/Stoner Metal with this album being mostly full of “Classic Sounding” grooves with the added bonus of swirling Psychedelic elements allowing Jawless to show folks they have plenty of promise and perhaps fully coming into their own sound on future releases.

Overall, this is a wickedly entertaining album that gets a lot of things right and for a debut Doom/Stoner Metal album you couldn’t ask for anything more. 

Words by Steve Howe


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