Sunday 17 April 2022

Earl Of Hell - Get Smoked (EP Review)

Release Date: April 29th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Get Smoked - Tracklisting

1.Hang 'em High


3.I Am The Chill

4.Bitter Fruits

5.Blood Disco

6.Kill The Witch


Eric Brock - Vocals 

Lewis Inglis - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Dean Gordon - Bass

Ryan Wilson - Drums


Get Smoked is the debut EP from Edinburgh Noise/Fuzz Rock/Stoner Rockers Earl Of Hell and they deliver a manic and addictive energy to their overall sound. Throw in some Punk Rock rebellion and Earl Of Hell play catchy grooves with spiky vocals to match.

Opening song Hang ‘em High is a chaotic mix of Noise Rock, Fuzz Rock and Stoner Rock rebellion with some cool Psychedelic sounds that have a Blues Rock twinge in the air. The music is aggressive and quite bouncy in places. The vocals from Eric are excellent with the other guys playing fast-paced grooves that have an air of Desert Rock atmosphere to them.

Second song Parasite is a more Hard Rock driven number with Stoner Rock energy soon making its way into the mix. Add an almost “Funk Rock” energy at the start before Earl Of Hell settles down for a more convincing Fuzz Rock sound. Punk Rock based lyrics allow the song to have a more DOOM based edge with subtle flashes of Blues Rock based riffs. This all builds up to a more convincing finish from the band.

Third song I Am The Chill has a CLUTCh and FU MANCHU quality to it and perhaps where Earl Of Hell plays some of the best riffs on the album. The song is fast-paced and the most aggressive track on the EP. Huge meaty sounds and a seedier vocal performance from Eric allows Earl Of Hell flirt between Stoner Metal and Doom Metal heaviness with relevant ease.

Earl Of Hell continue their winning ways on tracks such as Bitter Fruits and Blood Disco. Even though I'm not fully sold on the final song Kill The Witch this doesn't stop this record being a first rate musical adventure for Earl Of Hell to make themselves known with. Bitter Fruits has some excellent orchestral work and psychedelic sounds that will no doubt be one of the talking points for fans to get fully behind.  

With multiple gigs booked throughout 2022, Earl Of Hell have the drive, talent and energy to make themselves known within not only the UK Stoner Rock/Metal scene but perhaps the wider underground scene as well.

Get Smoked is fantastically produced and has a few cool surprises along the way. For a release built on riffs then Earl Of Hell have plenty to say and offer a thrilling 23 minutes of action packed grooves to impress listeners with

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Earl Of Hell for the promo.

Get Smoked will be available to buy digitally and vinyl from the band on April 29th 2022.

USA customers can order Earl Of Hell merch from Slightly Fuzzed Records


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