Tuesday 19 April 2022

Psych Spaced Out Stoners OREYEON Release New Song IF From Upcoming New Album "Equations For The Useless"

Formed in 2014 by members of Woodwall, Mexican Mud and Army of Angry Youth, Oreyeon made an impression within the heavy rock scene with their debut album 'Builders of Cosmos' in 2016. Their inspirations go from Black Sabbath to The Sword: with monolithic guitars, huge bass frequencies, and intricate vocals, Oreyeon know how to please every classic and stoner rock mind! 

On their sophomore album and Heavy Psych Sounds debut, Oreyeon drift away from the usual stoner rock clichés into a more elaborate and melodic style. Vocal structures and harmonizations are more complex, melodies are richer,  while the overall sound takes a heavier path. Get ready for this new batch of fuzzy bangers, to be released on June 17th 2022! 

You can hear their stunning new song IF from the new album and a cool live performance 


You can pre-order the new album from Heavy Psych Sounds