Friday 22 April 2022

Greenseeker Premiere New Song And Video For UNCHARTED REALMS

Greenseeker worships at the altar of proto-metal and heavy psych, steeped in classic riffs and fantastic lyrics. Formed in 2019, Greenseeker hit the ground running and the band recorded its first demo, plainly titled Greenseeker, in the spring of 2020. The work continued from there, with Greenseeker recording debut album The Wish for release later this year.

Many bands deal in retro sounds but few are able to combine classic proto-metal and modern heavy psych in the way that Greenseeker do. Their demo caught the ear of the doom underground, nabbing the band a record deal with StoneFly Records. They’ve also earned a reputation as a must-see, sharing the stage with some of the best talent across the Pacific Northwest, including Ealdor Bealu, Alltar, Ash Eater, and Egotones.

The Wish is due out on vinyl later this summer, with Greenseeker continuing to push forward in the meatime. 

The quartet plan to record a new EP in the spring in between regional shows, where Greenseeker has earned a reputation for improvisaton-laden performances. Greenseeker are the next force in heavy psych, Portland’s latest vital export. 

Get in the van and take the ride with them.

The band have released a new video Uncharted Realms 

Video created by August "Poul" Niclasen (ANGRY PEOPLE STUDIOS)

The band say this about the new video and song

The Wish" takes the listener on a journey through a fantasy universe filled with dark magic and mysterious characters. The High Priestess rules over the inhabitants of this realm through fear and subterfuge, but fear of her own mortality and weakness leads her to seek an even greater power.

Several tales are told throughout the album, but the primary arc is played out in three acts: In The Wheel and the Stone, the High Priestess sends an adventurer out to find an enchanted stone believed to grant wishes, which she believes will sate her desire. In Uncharted Realms, an observer with the power to travel between worlds witnesses the Priestess unleash terror across the land and its citizens as her crusade for the stone wages on. Finally, in the title track, the Priestess holds the store in her possession - but will it truly grant her wish?

Line Up

Max Siegfried - Guitar 
Selina Cleary - Bass/Vocals
Shea Gegan - Drums
Lauren Hatch - Keyboard/Vocals


Greenseeker new album The Wish will be available to buy from May 13th 2022.