Saturday 23 April 2022

The Tazers - Outer Space (EP Review)

Release Date: April 22nd 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Outer Space - Tracklisting

1. Outer Space

2. Glass Ceiling

3. Ready To Die

4. Up In The Air


Guitar/Vocals – Jethro Lock

Bass / Vocals – Werner Jordaan

Drums / Vocals – Tim Edwards


Outer Space is my first experience with South African Psych Rock/Fuzz Rock crew The Tazers. The band have already released a few EP’s and a full length album since their formation in 2015. Their new EP Outer Space is a Psychedelic Fuzzed Up Adventure if you dig bands such as The Black Keys, The Hives and even All Them Witches. Some Garage Rock and scuzzy Stoner Rock grooves make this a delightfully offbeat release.

The Tazers feel like seasoned pros on this release and opening track Outer Space is a heavy Fuzz Rock number with an Alternative Feel that oozes some serious street cred. The band carry on moving with the 60s/70s themes with elements of Punk Rock making a low-key appearance on tracks such as Glass Ceiling and Up In The Air.

The EP is fantastically heavy which I didn’t expect but my headphones were bouncing along to The Tazers heavy Psychedelic tones with the added bonus of each member contributing to the lead vocals for the majority of the release.

Outer Space has excellent production values with the EP being decidedly Classic Rock sounding and having a modern day shine to it all. The Tazers are about to embark on a European Tour where they will be playing shows in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. I can see these guys going down a storm with European audiences and Outer Space is perhaps the EP to get themselves more established with the European Fuzz/Stoner Rock scene. 

All in all, Outer Space is a fast-paced and grounded release that offers plenty of exciting moments within its fourteen minute running time.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Warren at Plug Music Agency for the promo.

Outer Space is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl.