Saturday 28 January 2023

Musician/Solo Artist To Check Out - Jon Watkins

Jon Watkins is a Composer/Guitarist from Montreal, Quebec who creates Ambient/Experimental music that draws in other areas of music such as Drone, Electronica, Psychedelic and Post-Rock especially on his latest superb release You Can' Go Home Anymore. This album is the perfect gateway into Jon's haunting creative vision that he's created on many of his subsequent releases which are held on his BandCamp page.

If you like minimalist music with an experimental and abstract edge than Jon Watkins is a solo artist you should definitely check out. Jon's music conveys so many moods despite the solitary feel of it all and the lack of many instruments doesn't stop Jon for creating a superbly engaging release especially on his latest release. The music can be quite cold and unforgiving in places but it can also be warmhearted and uplifting as well.

Check out Jon's music and you'll be surprised what you hear.