Saturday 14 January 2023

Ropes Inside A Hole - A Man And His Nature (Album Review)

Release Date: January 10th 2023. Record Label: Voice Of The Unheard Records and Shove Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

A Man And His Nature: Tracklisting

1.Distance 07:26

2.Others Are Gone. I Don't Care 08:49

3.Loss And Grief 06:39

4.Feet In The Swamp, Gaze To The Sky 09:52

5.Overwhelmed 05:12

6.Time To Sleep 07:54


Drums: Rocco Catturani Guitar: Flavio Di Bella Bass / Synth: Diego Ruggeri Guitar: Andrea Binetti Guitar: MIchele Verni Vocals: Daniel Loefgren


A Man And HIs Nature is the new album from Post-Metal/Shoegaze collective Ropes Inside A Hole (RIAH) and is their second album with the band taking a different creative approach compared to their debut album. This album has more creative structure and more focus as well with RIAH blending newer elements of music such as Shoegaze, Post-Rock and Ambient textures. 

The album perhaps takes influence from recent albums by bands such as CULT OF LUNA and The Ocean Collective whilst RIAH still allowing themselves the opportunity to do their own thing. Heavy organic Sludge/Post-Metal grooves appear on the sublime opening song Distance that has a great use of QUIET vs LOUD dynamics that shift between ice cold glacier synths and heavy Sludge/Post-Metal guitars. The vocals are delivered with emotional intent and bring a sense of urgency to the album. 

Second song “Others Are Gone. I Don't Care'' opens with an extended Instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal groove that shows signs of heavier things to come such as almost Thrash/Groove Metal appetite whilst remaining in the Post-Whatever realm. Twinges of Psych Rock show a different side to RIAH with the song having an uplifting aggression to it all. The song does become more experimental and classical within its delivery on the second half of the track that allows it to be one of the standout tracks on the album.

A Man And His Nature is quite an expansive record to listen to and you can feel that from the excellent opening two tracks. RIAH continues that way of thinking for the other tracks of the album with RIAH taking more bolder and daring creative decisions on tracks such as: “Loss And Grief”, “Feet In The Swamp, Gaze To The Sky” and “Time To Sleep”.

The vocals can be quite melodic with a deeper insightful meaning to them none so more on Loss And Grief which reminded me of SOM in places. RIAH’s music can be quite experimental in places on thi album with their use of different instruments such as Violin, Saxophone and Cello which is also performed by a collection of guest musicians such as: Hernan Paulitti, William Suvanne, Francesco "Fresco" Cellini and Mohammed Ashfarf.

A Man And His Nature is a different and perhaps soulful album to other Post-Metal albums currently being released. However, when the heavy Post-Metal grooves appear, there’s a lot to admire here with RIAH delivering a highly accomplished release for the Post-Metal Community to discover. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Viral Propaganda PR and RIAH for the promo.

A Man And His Nature is available to buy on DD/Vinyl now via Voice Of The Unheard Records and Shove Records.


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