Sunday 15 January 2023

MAMA YOUTH - S/T (Album Review)

Release Date: January 15th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

ABYECTO - S/T: Tracklisting

1.To The Core 03:04

2.Burn Slow 03:14

3.Surgin' Wheels 02:30

4.Invaders 03:15

5.Get Out 02:21

6.Travel Rebel 02:59

7.Green Dream 02:59

8.Foxy Boozer 03:04

9.Holy Spy 05:24


MAMA YOUTH is a band from France who perhaps grew up on a steady diet of Fuzz Rock, Stoner Rock, Psych Rock and Space Rock which you can hear in full on their excellent and damn right catchy self titled debut release. Inspired by bands such as FU MANCHU and NEBULA, these guys play a more turbo-charged style of Stoner Rock with the album lasting around twenty eight minutes in length.

The songs are very direct and do have an early-era FU MANCHU appeal but with a PUNK ROCK upstart feeling to their music which you can hear on the superb few tracks on the album such as: To The Core, Burn Slow and Surgin’ Wheels. Heavy Fuzzy Guitars and catchy vocals help lead the way for MAMA YOUTH to inject a more rebellious take on their blend of Stoner Rock. With warped Psychedelia and a classic Desert Rock sound leading to more FUZZED OUT areas of heaviness.

With the majority of the tracks running around two to three minutes in length, MAMA YOUTH accomplish a lot with their music despite the short running times. Don’t go expecting a band to offer complex or progressive grooves as MAMA YOUTH aren’t that type of band, though their song Green Dream does see the band offer a more sombre and reflective change within their music. Though, the rest of the album is all about having a damn good time with a superbly entertaining use of 90’s Desert/Stoner Rock with Punk Rock melodies which can even be quite rebellious especially with songs: Invaders, Get Out, Foxy Boozer and Holy Spy.

MAMA YOUTH even show flashes of Hard Rock and Doom Metal on this album which allows the band to have a more adventurous sound when you first hear the record. The lyrics are superb and majorly effective when MAMA YOUTH bring an “OLD SCHOOL” sensibility to the album. There’s quite a few singalong moments which you can’t help joining in at times. 

MAMA YOUTH is another great band to check out from the French Stoner Rock scene and if you’re on the lookout for grooves from the Californian Desert/Stoner Rock scene then I recommend you check this album out now. As this album is first rate entertainment from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe


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