Saturday 7 January 2023

Golden Bats - Scatter Yr Darkness (Album Review)

Release Date: 21st December 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Scatter Yr Darkness: Tracklisting

Riding In The Captain's Skull

Bravo Stinkhole!

Holographic Stench


Breathe Misery

A Savage Dod


The Gold Standard Of Suffering


Geordie Stafford - Everything


Sludge Metal Solo Artist Golden Bats has been releasing music since 2011 in a wide variety of different releases and I find it hard to believe that Geordie Stafford is only releasing his second full length album with Scatter Yr Darkness. Golden Bats still carry on playing their abrasive, disruptive and punk fuelled style of Sludge Metal with gloomy elements of Noise Rock and Doom Metal with Psych Rock passages.

Perhaps that is a little bit more aggressive with this album especially with the vocals. Golden Bats plays a thrashier style of streetwise Sludge/Doom Metal that is delivered with "in your face charm" which you can hear on the fantastic opening track Riding In The Captain's Skull. A song that moves effortlessly and confidently from Sludge, Doom, Thrash, Punk and Psych Rock. The instrumental grooves have a lot of different variety to them with Golden Bats focusing upon playing a thrashier style of Sludge Metal with echoes of Motorhead, Metallica and High On Fire.

Second song Bravo Stinkhole! has a more playful and rebellious attitude though still remaining an intense slice of Noise Rock fuelled slice of Doom/Sludge Metal.The song does remind myself of WHORES especially during the heavier moments of the song. Golden Bats goes a bit more experimental with the Psychedelic sounds on the later stages of the track. Though the song does run out of steam towards the end, it's good seeing Geordie Stafford being more creative with his music.

Third song Holographic Stench firmly remains within the confinements of Noise Rock inspired Doom/Sludge Metal but offers a more riffier style of music. Harsh vocals yet again lead the way with a not too flashy Psych atmosphere merging the grimy and dirge ridden Sludgy/Stoner grooves. Thumping bass lines give this track a more suitable modern gloomy edge.

Fourth song Erbgrind is the longest track on the album running past eight minutes in length. The song is quite a slow-paced affair for the first half with Golden Bats playing a distorted style of Doomed Out Sludge/Stoner Metal. Perhaps more AMPLIFIER RIFF WORSHIP with a slight progressive slant allows Golden Bats to offer a song with a mighty fine style of melody and extended guitar jams. The standout track on the album is right here with this being inspired by Black Sabbath and SLEEP for the slower parts but with more NOISE ROCK menace.I also loved the orchestral work that appears out of nowhere to show another different side to Golden Bats.

The second half of the album follows the same structure as the first half but with more emphasis on Doom/Sludge Metal on songs such as Breathe Misery, A Savage Dod, Malingering and The Gold Standard Of Misery. The songs are perhaps harsher in creative tone with more despairing lyrics and vocals from Geordie. The music expands into a few more different areas of music and intelligent use of Psychedelic Beats and Soundbytes allows Geordie to release one of their most complex and mature releases to date.

Scatter Yr Darkness is another terrific slice of bleak and realistic style of Doom/Sludge Metal with a Noise Rock/Street Punk mentality. There's riffs galore on this album but expect a different style of music just when you're beginning to feel comfortable in your musical surroundings.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

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