Sunday 15 January 2023

ABYECTO - S/T (EP Review)

Release Date: January 11th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

ABYECTO - S/T: Tracklisting

1.Intro 02:14

2.Errante 03:04

3.Presagio/Llamado 05:23

4.Periplos 03:56

5.Aeon 05:34

6.Outro 02:19


ABYECTO is a Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal band from Mexico who bring a gloomy CRUST atmosphere to their overall sound. Their debut self-titled release lasts around twenty minutes and sees the band move within the confinements of the Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene by doing things their own way. The EP does have a LO-FI sound throughout which allows the band to have a DIY approach to the album and the record can be too “full on” at times though they show a lot of promise especially within the first two tracks of Intro and Errante.

Intro is a Spaced Out and Ambient driven instrumental offering which I enjoyed immensely and wanted the band to use this style of music for other areas of the EP which they do within the final track Outro. For the next few songs ABYECTO play their heavy blend of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal with a sublime metallic edge. The vocals are mighty aggressive which isn’t surprising with the style of music that ABYECTO play for this EP. 

The music is always on the right side of HEAVY with the band perhaps showing their true creative worth on tracks Presagio/Llamado and Aeon being the highlights of this EP. I did admire the fast paced nature of the grooves contained on the record which makes this a more exciting release when they appear. ABYECTO do inject a Post-Metal sound into the mix on tracks such as Periplos and Aeon.

Overall, ABYECTO debut release is a mighty fine slab of modern day Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal that is highly atmospheric with a harsh Psychedelic flavour coming when you least expect it. 

Words by Steve Howe


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