Saturday 14 January 2023

Mila Cloud - Graylight (EP Review)

Release Date: October 14th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Graylight: Tracklisting

1.Graylight 05:20

2.Wanda 01:47

3.Tenkiller Lake 02:57

4.Grave Land 02:56

5.Gray Meadow 03:47

6.Lowaring 08:12


Mila Cloud - Everything


Graylight is the latest release from Polish Doomgaze/Dronegaze Solo Artitst Mila Cloud and it’s quite an emotional release that packs quite a punch with Mila’s style of industrial based Drone/Doom sounds that appear on the record.

The music moves at a delicious slow pace which allows Mila to blend Ambient sounds and textures with the haunting Drone/Doom extended grooves. There’s a Post-Doom or Post-Rock flavour to Mila’s style of Instrumental music. Throw in a welcome bonus of Shoegaze effects and Mila delivers a deeply engaging release that can be quite dense and heavy on the excellent opening track Graylight before moving into sombre Post-Rock/Indie Rock territory on the deeply engaging second track Wanda.

Graylight is Mila’s fourth release and they deliver a winning style of emotionally charged slice of Drone/Doom that firmly focuses upon the “SHOEGAZE” environment. Maybe not as heavy as you might expect but there are moments of beautifully played distorted heaviness with an air of calm, confidence and aggression around everything. The instrumental work is first rate with decent production values helping Mila along the way. 

The second half of the record is perhaps the strongest part of this release. As everything has more clarity and focus especially with the heavier moments. Standout tracks here include Grave Meadow and Lowering. Expect more of an Ambient driven score with a Post-Doom effect when the long drawn out noises and effects appear.

If you’re a fan of the whole DOOMGAZE sound  or SOLO ARTIST field then Mila Cloud is worth checking out. As Graylight is an unexpected dark and gloomy delight.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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