Wednesday 18 January 2023

PIL & BUE Release New Video For CHANGE YOU Mind From Upcoming New Album


Pil & Bue release their third, and perhaps one of the most significant and unfaltering singles from their upcoming album Special Agents.

Because Change Your Mind is a song about love, about the right to openly live with and love whomever you want, freely and without prejudice.

It is as reaction to the recurring theme of discrimination, prejudice, hatred, and violence people are faced with every day worldwide, simply because of what they identify as or who they have come to love.

In 2023, we should have come so incredibly much further, that people still are not free to love who they love or be who they are, is devastatingly heartbreaking.

Pil & Bue comment:

"Love is love. We find it infuriating that people are oppressed because of who they love, or who they are.

Change Your Mind is a song that allows love to be what love is; unconditional

FFO: The Mars Volta, QOTSA, Mew, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins

With one of the best vocalists from Norway, Petter Carlsen, on vocals and guitar, and Gøran Johansen slaying the drums, they are an explosion of hard rock.

With subtle, but pronounced references to artists like Placebo, Deftones, Sigur Rós, Anathema and Mars Volta, 

Pil & Bue delivers “Hard, gloomy & joyful music...” (Metal Hammer NO) based on topics like memories, childhood aspirations, use of imagination, video games, and the
intriguing online rabbit holes.

The band´s raw and melodic music quickly struck a note with Hollywood director Tommy Wirkola who included the Pil & Bue single “You Win Again” in his now cult-status movie “Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival January 2014.

Also, their single “Fire” from their second album “Forget the Past, Let’s Worry About The Future” is featured on the end credits of Hollywood/Netflix blockbuster “What Happened To Monday” (2017).

Pil & Bue released their acclaimed third album The World is a Rabbit Hole in September 2021, an album which got rave reviews. 

PIL & BUE consist of:

Petter Carlsen
Gøran Johansen

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