Monday 2 January 2023

Black Sky Giant - Primigenian (Album Review)

Release Date: January 01st 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Primigenian - Tracklisting

1.Primigenian 03:32

2.At The Gates 06:24

3.Stardust 04:47

4.The Great Hall 05:20

5.Sonic Thoughts 03:22

6.The Foundational Found Tapes 08:28


Argentinian Psych Stoner Rockers Black Sky Giant return with their new album Primigenian and the band venture further into the Instrumental Spaced Out Cosmos. The album is a classic mix of Desert Rock, Psych Rock and Stoner Rock with that a Doomed Out afterthought which you hear everything early on within the confinements of the outstanding opening song Primigenian. With the band operating with a Post-Rock/Post-Metal mentality with their music. The subtle use of heavier Post-Rock or Post-Stoner grooves that feel like Yawning Man jamming with Pelican at times.

Second song At The Gates offers a more Progressive Doom sound for Black Sky Giant that matures into Black Sky Giant’s usual style of Desert Rock and Stoner Rock cinematic sound. Though, the band are more gloomier on this track especially the subtle Ambient elements they add to this song. There’s a fantastic use of Psyched Out Krautrock that is more central to the band’s music. Nothing too flashy but this allows Black Sky Giant to play some first rate instrumental extended jams that are very pleasing to listen to. 

Third song Stardust is perhaps more subdued compared to the previous two songs with Black Sky Giant offering a multi-layered Post-Rock effect. A lovely change of pace from Black Sky Giant that shows their more tender creative sound. 

Fourth song The Great Hall follows Stardust with its Post-Rock drive but perhaps showing more aggressive outbursts of highly melodic gloomy Stoner Rock. The song does have more of a free-flowing sound that sees Black Sky Giant some of the best grooves on the album. Taking influence from perhaps Elder, Weedpecker and King Buffalo on this track but still doing their own thing. The excellent use of different levels of Heavy Stoner Rock does show a different side to Black Sky Giant compared to their previous releases make this song perhaps one of the standout tracks on the album.

The final two songs Sonic Thoughts and The Foundational Found Tapes is where Black Sky Giant become more expressive and adventurous with their music. 

Sonic Tapes is more of a straightforward Psych Stoner Rock song with traces of Doomed Out Space Rock leading the way. 

The Foundational Found Tapes is an epic eight minute plus track with Black Sky Giant going all in with their Space Rock adventure. Partially inspired by the 1970’s Space Rock and Prog Rock scenes but with a modern day Doom/Stoner Rock presence. The subtle use of Ambient Noises and Krautrock themes allows Black Sky Giant to play some of the best instrumental grooves they've written or played to date. The song does have an interesting stop-start approach that does take a few moments to fully get on board with. Though, the musical and creative choices used for this song are superbly put together. The song actually does, like the title suggests, have a Cassette Tape structure which you’ll hear multiple times within the song. 

Primigenian is another first rate release from Black Sky Giant. Perhaps, not as heavy as their previous releases but definitely their most interesting and mature album to date. Excellent production values allows Black Sky Giant to be one of the standout Instrumental Stoner Rock Bands from the South American Underground Scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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