Saturday 10 November 2018

Godmaker/Somnuri:Split (Album Review)

Release date: November 2nd 2018. Label: The Company KC. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Godmaker/Somnuri: Split – Tracklisting

1.Godmaker - An Excerpt 13:44
2.Godmaker - Over (Portishead Cover) 04:47
3.Somnuri - Over and Out 04:35
4.Somnuri - Edge of the Forest 07:20

Godmaker Members

Pete Ross - Guitar/Vox/Lead Beard
Andrew Archey - Bass/vox/Gingerbeard
Jon Lane – Drums/Commentary/Beard

Somnuri Members

Justin Sherrell - Guitars/Vocals
Phil SanGiacomo - Drums
Drew Mack - Bass


Godmaker and Somnuri have teamed up for this superb sounding split album with the band both offering heavy styles of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal to each other. Godmaker is perhaps the more gloomiest of the two with a doomier and heavier feel.

Godmaker offer two songs – An Excerpt and a great cover of Portished song – Over. An Excerpt is an almost 14 minute epic that sees the band play a sludge/post-metal/doom hybrid sound that takes influence from bands such as Neurosis, ISIS (The Band) and other bands of that ilk. The mood is dynamically heavy with the band creating a slow to mid-tempo sound that doesn’t hold back on the loud riffs.

An Excerpt does take some time to fully get going but it’s never boring as Godmaker inject a few cool Psychedelic sounds along the way. The vocals are intense and very raw but it matches the volatile doom based atmosphere the band create here. The song does became more fast-paced towards the end and it’s quite relentless at times. A very cool way to end the song.

Their second song which is a cover of Portishead classic song – Over – is a weird and very inspired choice. As I didn’t think these guys could pull it off. The original is such an emotional song and features a stunning vocal performance by Beth Gibbons. It’s one of those songs that are considered timeless. So I was a little worried on how these guys would perform the song. Truth be told the band do a stellar job performing this song and they play the song as a gloomy alt-rock/metal song rather than the Doom/Sludge sounds Godmaker are known for. So a very good cover indeed.

Now it’s time for Somnuri to impress me with their blend of Sludge/Stoner Metal. And like they Godmaker they don’t disappoint with the two songs they have included here. Over and Out and Edge Of The Forest.

Over and Out is a sludgy fast-paced number with the band adding elements of Doom, Sludge, Stoner Rock and vibrant Noise Rock grooves. The psychedelic riffs allows the song to flow at a natural pace. The vocals are a mixture of heavy growls and clean vocals that have quite an uplifting feel to them. The song takes influence from TORCHE and Mastodon at times but the band still create their own highly addictive sound.

Edge Of The Forest is where Somnuri experiment with their sound and play a more refined style of music. Well for the first few moments when the band adapt a gloomy post-rock sound with vocals drifting in and out. The heavy sludgy riffs appear and you can hear a slight Deftones influence with brooding guitars and soothing vocals. The song becomes heavier around the 2nd minute and the Somnuri that I loved from last year’s album finally appear. The harsh vocals and growls take some time getting used to but Somnuri still manage to create a very exciting song to end the split record with.

This split record does what it needs t do and that’s to show the world how great Godmaker and Somnuri actually are. Both bands play different styles of music that compliment each other superbly well. Hopefully there is new records from both bands in the near future as this split record only leaves you wanting more.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy the album from The Company KC here.

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